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There is no denying the fact that with each passing day our surroundings are getting polluted. One of the leading factors of this pollution is waste. Every household in America produces tons and tons of waste every month. So, the government now has taken many initiatives to make a cleaner and greener environment.

Several products lead to the accumulation of heaps of waste materials. Of all products, the one that creates a humongous share of waste is cardboard boxes. Also known as corrugated cardboard, you can recycle cardboard for the betterment of the environment around you.  The heavy use of cardboard boxes nowadays has led to a lot of waste accumulation. Think of the number of parcels that you get from online shopping every month. Each parcel comes wrapped tightly in a cardboard box. Once you take out the product from the cardboard box, generally you throw the box. This leads to the accumulation of a lot of waste.

Indeed, people nowadays lead a hectic schedule. They do not have the time to clean their houses. As a result, the waste keeps on getting accumulated one on top of another. If you do not have adequate time to clean the waste you can book your consultation with the professional team of cardboard box disposal in London. Since many of you are not aware of how to dispose of cardboard boxes, we have come up with this blog to discuss the same. Therefore, without further delay let’s get started with a blog.

Cardboard recycling

As you can understand from the name cardboard recycling is the process of recycling cardboard boxes or pieces to reduce waste. Recycling is one of the best methods not just to save the environment but also to conserve valuable resources. The process of recycling also indulges in a lot of employment.

To recycle cardboard boxes first you have to collect waste cardboard boxes from various collection points such as stores scrap yards trash bins, etc. The next step includes sorting the cardboard boxes based on the materials they are made up of. Generally, cardboard boxes can be classified into box board and corrugated cardboard. Unlike corrugated cardboard, the box boards are thin and smaller in size.

The third step is spreading and pulping. Shedding breaks down the cardboard box fibers into tiny pieces. Once you at Chemicals into the shredded cardboard pieces the paper fibers break down into a slurry substance. The fourth step includes filtering corn terminal removal and drinking. While filtering removes the foreign materials and impurities from the pulp conterminal removal uses the centrifugal process to remove metal staples and plastics.  The final process is to use the finished product for reuse.

Ways to dispose of cardboard boxes

Not many people are aware of disposing of cardboard boxes the right way. Already the earth is suffering so much environmentally. It is the responsibility of every citizen to take care of the earth and properly conduct waste management. Given below are some ways you can follow to dispose of cardboard boxes responsibly.

  1. Put boxes in the council paper and card collection
    In general, most councils provide you with a cardboard box collection to recycle them. However, the rules of collection may differ from one Council to another. Normally they collect these boxes at an interval of 15 days. So, right after you have collected the excess cardboard boxes and put them inside the Council papers do not forget to flatten them to make it easier for collection.
  2. Place the boxes outside with a sign saying ‘please take me
    Now that you have collected the extra cardboard boxes inside the Council papers it is time to keep them in a place from which the professionals can take them without causing any disturbance to you. The best way to make it easy for the professionals would be to place them outside your house. Before you place them do not forget to write a sign that says please take me.
  3. Carry old boxes to your local HWRC
    Are there too many cardboard boxes at home? Can they not fit inside the Council papers? If such is the case then you need to take the help of your local household waste recycling center. They dispose of cardboard for free. Is a great option to get rid of excess cardboard boxes at your home especially the ones that you don’t need.
  4. Enquire from your removal company if they are willing to take boxes
    You might have several removal companies in and around your locality. Ask them if any one of them is interested to take those empty boxes for repurposing. Generally, removal companies show interest in those cardboard boxes that are still in good condition as they would either recycle the boxes or use them for some other purpose.
  5. Ask the furniture retailer to remove them at delivery
    If you have bought furniture recently and the retailer has delivered it in a cardboard box, ask him if he offers any recycling scheme or provides a cardboard box removal service. Things can be a little disappointing if the delivery driver is not willing to take the cardboard box.
  6. Donate the boxes online
    You will come across several websites that offer you the opportunity to share your cardboard boxes with them. Some of the popular websites that take cardboard boxes include fragile, freecycle, gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and next door. They take the cardboard boxes to reuse or repurpose. Also, it is on this platform that you can come across people who are in need of cardboard boxes.
  7. Use a licensed waste contractor to remove them
    Above all make use of a licensed waste contractor to remove and dispose of the cardboard boxes responsibly. Not only is it a time-efficient option but also a great way to get rid of unused cardboard boxes.


Therefore, cardboard box removal can save the environment from a lot of waste production and accumulation. Make sure to choose the right cardboard box removal service provider so that you do not have to bother about anything else. The ones in London or one of the best as they are trained, skilled, and professional people who have more than a decade of experience.

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