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Advantages of the Laminated Plastic Postcard Mailer

Unlike many direct-mail pieces, a plastic postcard mailer is easily retained and is more likely to be used again. These direct-mail pieces can be designed to feature pop-out cards that act as an enticement for potential buyers. Some plastic postcard mailers even come with gift cards or membership cards! A plastic postcard mailer is one of the most versatile and effective marketing tools available today. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this unique marketing tool.

Laminated plastic postcards

Among all marketing communications, the Laminated plastic postcard mailer has some important advantages. Compared to other print marketing methods, the cost of the laminated plastic postcard mailer is lower than most alternatives. Moreover, a laminated plastic postcard mailer can be customized. This is a great way to increase the response rate for direct mail campaigns. But before you go ahead and buy these mailers, consider these advantages.

First, plastic postcard mailers offer significant postage savings. Also, they stand out in a mailbox full of conventional paper mailers, coupons, and event badges. The attractive look of these direct mail pieces will attract attention from recipients. Its durability makes it a smart choice for direct mail campaigns. You can also incorporate a discount gift card or plastic coupon mailer. This will help you get more business from your customers and generate more repeat business.


Plastic postcards are an eco-friendly and versatile way to promote your business. They are made from durable, composite plastic, with the same thickness as a standard credit card. The glossy over laminate protects the postcard from the elements during shipping, and it is highly resistant to tearing and degrading. They can even be personalized with variable data, a signature panel, and scratch-off or hole-and-slot designs.

The design process for plastic postcards includes determining the perfect size and shape, applying variable data printing, choosing relevant colours and images, and developing a clear call-to-action. The printing technology on PVC postcard mailers allows for high-quality text and graphics, making it the perfect choice for various marketing campaigns and client acquisition mailings. Aside from its high-quality design and appearance, plastic postcards are also highly resistant to abrasion and are suitable for a variety of mailing applications.


Plastic postcard mailers have become a staple for direct mail marketing campaigns. They can be used by businesses of all types, from restaurants to apparel stores, and medical clinics to insurance agencies. These mailers are easily recognizable by their unique design, and they are more effective than other advertising media in boosting brand awareness and sales. And they can be used in gift bags or in store aisles, too. Here are some ways you can make the most of these mailings:

For one, they can save substantial amounts on postage. A plastic postcard doesn’t require an envelope, and they can be printed with barcodes or postage labels. Plastic postcards also save you money in the long run because they are lightweight. Postcard mailers also appear more personal and can improve your response rate. The plastic postcards also stand out when thrown in the rubbish, and consumers are more likely to keep them than regular paper postcards.


A custom plastic postcard mailer makes a powerful marketing tool. It puts the brand or program directly into the hands of the customer. These mailers have a high redemption rate, 7%, and can be used in conjunction with other marketing campaigns to increase repeat website visits. If you are looking to boost repeat website traffic, consider using these mailers with other marketing campaigns to enhance your return on investment. Here are some tips for customizing your plastic postcard mailer. The first step in maximizing the effectiveness of plastic postcard mailer marketing is knowing what to include. This type of mailer is easy to track and offers numerous customization options. It can be used for both small and large businesses. A plastic postcard can be personalized with discounts, coupons, or even membership cards. Including incentives in a plastic postcard mailer can attract new customers and boost the overall sales of a business. A customized plastic postcard mailer is a highly effective way to improve your ROI and increase customer retention.

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