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In recent years, Andrew Santino has established himself as a highly desirable stand-up comedian and an actor. In addition, he is gathering recognition for his performances in popular shows like “The Detour” and “Flaked.”

Danielle Brooks Andrew Santino wife, Meghan, has remained largely unknown in spite of his success. In this comprehensive article, we will provide an in-depth outline of the personal life of Andrew Santinos wife. Therefore, it will allow readers to gain insight into the woman behind his accomplishments.

Who is Andrew Santino wife?

Andrew Santino and Meghan Santino have been together for more than ten years. However, they prefer to keep most parts of their personal lives private. In addition, the restricted information is available from Andrew Santino and wife, Meghan Santino, on her Instagram account and through their public appearances together.

Moreover, it suggests that the couple share a strong love and support for each other. Andrew Santino wife name is Meghan Santiago. Also, she was married to Andrew in 2014. Furthermore, the couple, Andrew Santino and wife, met in their native Chicago at the end of the decade. Also, it began when Andrew was beginning his career as a stand-up comedian.

According to friends, Meghan Santino was a strong supporter of her husband when he was working thoroughly to improve his skills at small comedy venues. She had also seen his talent and determination from the beginning. Therefore, she consistently supported his ambitions to become a professional comedian.

Andrew Santino Wife Instagram

Meghan does have her own Instagram account , where she sometimes shares pictures from her life. In addition, she keeps a lower public profile than her husband.

Her Instagram is set to private, which means that only accepted followers can see her posts. Thus, it provides her with some privacy regardless of being married to a famous comedian.

Andrew Santino wife Instagram is only visible through Andrew’s posts when he:

  • Features her,
  • Primarily shares pictures of them together,
  • Their dogs,
  • The food she prepares food and
  • Beautiful shots from traveling.

Andrew Santino, on the other hand, appears to be one of her biggest fans because he often leaves flirtatious comments on her pictures. Thus, it displays that their amusing relationship extends to social media.

Fans of Andrew Santino appreciate him when he republishes or tags photos from his wife’s Instagram. Also, it gives them an exclusive look into their off-camera life.

Therefore, she occasionally shares glimpses of the everyday life and love life she has with her husband. Also, she successfully kept her relationship outside the public eye despite keeping her Instagram account private.

Meghan Santino’s Career and Education

Andrew Santino’s wife does not like to be the center of attention. However, she has managed to carve out a successful career. She is the Marketing Director at a big technology company in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband.

Meghan also has a bachelor’s in marketing from Chicago’s DePaul University. Furthermore, she worked for a few years in advertising sales and account management after graduating. The relationship of Andrew Santino wife, Meghan Santino, with her husband, Andrew Santino, has proven to be a difficult balancing act.

Meghan also finds a balance between supporting her husband and pursuing her career despite the busy comedy schedule of her husband. According to her friends, she brings consistency and regularity to her husband’s life. Therefore, it allows him to dedicate himself completely to his comedy. She also prioritizes her husband and their family life despite Meghan being dedicated to her work.

Life Behind the Scenes with Andrew Santino’s Wife  

The couple live a low-key life at home when not on the road for work or for Andrew’s performances. In addition, Andrew Santinos wife, Meghan, keeps us up-to-date on their life on Instagram from:

  • Cooking meals together,
  • Going for walks on the beach, and
  • Having fun at events.

Andrew says that coming home to his wife and their two dogs gives him the energy to keep taking his comedy to the next level. Moreover, friends say the real comedian in the relationship is Meghan, even though Andrew Santino may light up the stage.

Additionally, she keeps Andrew stuck with her humorous sense of humor. The two share a very lively, fun, and dynamic relationship with each other. Andrew also calls Meghan his best friend and biggest fan, saying she has been helpful in all his accomplishments.

Lastly, he gives all the credit to her peaceful and caring presence, which allows him to take risks in his career without fear of failure.


Q 1. What is Andrew Santino wife name?

The full name of Andrew Santino’s wife is Meghan Santino.

Q 2. What is the real and current age of Andrew Santinos wife?

Meghan Santino is currently 38 years old as of 2021.

Q 3. What does Danielle Brooks, Andrew Santino wife, do for a living?

Ms. Santino is the Marketing Director of a Fortune 500 technology corporation in Los Angeles, California.

Q 4. Does Andrew Santino’s wife have social media accounts?

Meghan Santino does have an Instagram account. However, the account has been set to private.

Q 5. How did Andrew Santino and wife meet for the first time?

The couple, Andrew Santino and Meghan Santino, first bump into each other in Chicago, Illinois, at the end of the 2000s. In addition, at that time, Andrew was beginning his career as a stand-up comedian.

Final Words

In conclusion, Andrew Santino and wife, Meghan, have been together for over ten years. In addition, their love and promise to each other have been obvious in their professional and personal lives. It is also evident that Meghan has been a great supporter of Andrew Santino’s career despite keeping much of his personal life out of the public eye.

Furthermore, she celebrates his accomplishments and supports him through the difficulties of a successful entertainment career. Therefore, Meghan allows Santino to face comedy challenges with confidence and happiness. It also shows what it is like to have a consistent and loyal partner.

Lastly, their strong relationship has undeniably been a major factor in his success in the past ten years. The comedian would have reached the heights he has accomplished with the care and direction of his wife.


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