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Asia Forex Mentor

This Asia Forex Mentor review reveals the ins and outs of this forex training course. Its founder, Ezekiel Chew, is known for his “foolproof” trading strategy. The company offers a comprehensive course, The One Core Program, which costs $997. This comprehensive course teaches beginners to trade the forex market, avoiding common mistakes and achieving a high success rate. The course covers many aspects of trading, including fundamentals, technical analysis, and market analysis.

Ezekiel Chew is founder and head of training at Asia Forex Mentor

Born into a family of six, Ezekiel Chew had to overcome a lot of challenges growing up. His family had a severe financial setback when he was young. He always dreamed of a better life, and became interested in learning about money and different financial investment options. He decided to join a trading school in 2008, and after a few years, he was already making good profits.

In 2008, Chew launched Asia Forex Mentor as a business in Singapore. He began mentoring friends, and eventually his small group of traders grew into a community. Soon, he started offering live classes. His students continued to grow until trading institutions approached him to coach their teams. Eventually, he was able to gather a team of professional traders and formalized the training program with a proprietary One Core Program.

His trading strategy is “foolproof”

Asia Forex Mentor has gained notoriety as a top educational provider in Asia. The founder of the company, Ezekiel Chew, has combined free content with his own interpretation of price action to sell the $997 educational course. Chew’s trading strategy focuses on ROI and promises to be foolproof. This is a claim that many people take advantage of, as it has been widely discussed in financial conferences worldwide.

The AFM system consists of two main components: the Proprietary One Core Program and the Golden Eye Group. Founded in 2008 by Ezekiel Chew, the company began as a small business that taught friends how to trade Forex. After learning the trades and incorporating them into a personal trading strategy, he expanded his services to include online courses and physical classes. The company has even been commissioned by large financial institutions such as the Development Bank of the Philippines, which has over $13 billion in assets.

The One Core Program is a comprehensive course

The One Core Program is Asia Forex Mentor’s flagship course, which provides its clients with a private tutor to help them with their trading. It teaches everything from reading and interpreting charts to developing strategies. You can get access to the MT4 platform for trading, too. This course is suitable for traders of all levels, from novices to professional traders. However, before you get started, it is important to know about the company and what they offer.

Asia Forex Mentor’s proprietary One Core Program is the most popular course in the company’s portfolio. It has been praised by Benzinga and Investopedia as the “most comprehensive” forex training course in the world. It is founded by Ezekiel Chew, a six-figure-per-trade forex trading guru and owner of the Golden Eye Group, which offers the One Core Program.

The One Core Program costs $997

AFM is an online trading course that is created by famous forex trader Ezekiel Chew. The program covers more than forex, including all trading vehicles. The program is comprehensive, with 26 full-scale lessons, 60 subtopics, and studio-quality videos. There are also hand-picked examples and trading systems that can be applied to other trading instruments. The program costs $997, but you can get a seven-day free trial before you buy the program.

AFM’s One Core Program is comprised of 26 in-depth video lessons and proven strategies. You’ll have access to these lessons for life, which is a fantastic value for the price. The program also includes live trading sessions with Ezekiel. It’s a good option for beginners who don’t want to commit to live trading sessions. Although it costs $997, it’s still a good value for the price.

The One Core Program is a cakewalk for new traders

The One Core Program has been developed for beginners who want to take their trading to the next level. It teaches you how to trade live, and takes you from novice to professional level. The program is designed for people who are looking to make money and make a difference in the world. It is well worth the price tag, which is $2497 after a discount. It will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful trader in no time at all.

The program is designed to help new and experienced traders alike succeed in the forex market. It features a variety of videos, mentorship, and real-life examples to teach you the basics of trading. It covers all types of trading vehicles, not just forex. Whether it is stocks, futures, commodities, indices, or currencies, the system works on anything with a chart. The system is backed by mathematical probability, making it easy for even beginners to determine their risk and reward ratios.

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