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ENT disorders are typically taken for granted by people, who believe they are commonplace. People frequently have temporary hearing loss, which irritates them continually, but they do nothing about it because they believe it to be normal. Many people experience sleep interruptions; they can’t get a good night’s sleep because of a stuffy nose or another irritation, and they also believe that this is how life should be.

These supposedly little problems can be extremely annoying and have an impact on a person’s performance and day-to-day activities. Any of these problems will make it difficult for you to carry out your everyday responsibilities to the best of your ability if they bother you constantly. If you have any ear, nose, or throat problems—whether they be allergies or other annoyances—these problems are tied to ENT, so you should contact an ENT professional.

What do doctors’ ENTs do?

Doctors that specialise in treating ear, nose and throat conditions are known as ENTs. Many people will not go to a doctor for a headache, temporary hearing loss, allergies, or restless nights. The cause might be that individuals are unaware that there are specialists who are equipped to manage such disorders and that they can be quite harmful if left untreated. This transient hearing loss has the potential to progress to total hearing loss and develop into a permanent handicap.

More health problems, such as ongoing restlessness, irritability, and mood changes, might result from interrupted sleep. To permanently resolve these concerns, consult an ENT professional if you don’t want to continue living this way. To ensure your understanding and comfort throughout the operation, an expert will explain the cause and each phase of the treatment to you.

Multan’s Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH)

The best hospital in Multan for ENT care is Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital. Any ailment affecting the ear, nose, or throat is treated for patients of all ages. To provide patients with superior diagnostic tools and a better level of care, they have built an ENT clinic. They do microscopic examinations of the ears and neonatal hearing screening tests. Additionally, they offer counselling services for kids with speech disorders.

Conditions managed at MASH by an ENT specialist

Certain disorders can only be managed by an ENT expert. Even if you visit your family doctor, they will recommend an ENT expert to treat you. The most typical ailments that an ENT specialist treats include the following:

Persistent ear infections

Ear infections can be very uncomfortable and even harm your ear. Particularly children, some people are more likely to contract the disease. Children are typically more vulnerable to infection, and the difficulty is that they can’t communicate their symptoms clearly. Ear infections can be excruciating and can also result in temporary or impaired hearing loss, headaches, and swelling. They can also be brought on by other illnesses like the flu or fever.

Modern technology is available at Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital to handle such problems. They have cutting-edge tools for diagnosing infant hearing loss and treating ear infections in kids. The first ISO-approved laboratory in Multan is located here, making it the top hospital in the city for ENT care.

Loss of hearing

Visit an ENT doctor from if your hearing loss is progressing quickly. A lifelong disability, total deafness can result from hearing loss. To assist kids who are born deaf, Mukhtar A. Sheikh has launched their cochlear implant program, which is its flagship initiative. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds receive this treatment free of charge. As a result, MASH is one of the best hospitals in Pakistan.

both tonsillitis and a sore throat

An ENT doctor will also treat tonsillitis and sore throats. Tonsillitis is a problem that requires surgery if it worsens. Although many people mistakenly believe that ENT experts are unable to undertake surgery, any procedure involving the ear, nose, or throat is carried out by an ENT specialist. MASH features skilled surgeons and cutting-edge surgical equipment.
With these features, Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is not only one of the greatest hospitals in Pakistan, but also the best hospital for ENT care.


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