Thermal Transfer Labels Made Of Polyethylene Film

For printing seawater-resistant labels with thermal transfer printers. All thermal transfer materials comply with the strict standards for British Standard Section 2.

The film materials that bear the symbol * also conform to British Standard Section 3 in connection to the established printing techniques.

The use of labels that are resistant to seawater is vital for the labeling of containers in the chemical industry.

The sophisticated roller technology and the specially designed separation force properties will ensure a safe labelling even at the highest labeling speeds. Despite the extremely high adhesive applications, we are able to ensure that there is no contamination to both the printer and the labeller by using a special punching technique.

Seawater-resistant material for making labels for the production of roll labels as also for fold labels.

We will be happy to answer your questions , and make you an individual offer for seawater-resistant thermal transfer print labels in your preferred format.

Thermal Transfer Labels
Thermal Transfer Labels

The advantages and disadvantages of film-making materials. When do you apply which films?

Thermal transfer labels made of polyethylene film. And polypropylene film can be used to help with “sorted recycling”. Which can be picked depending on the material of the packaging and containers. This is especially important when it comes to stretch films or shrink hoods to lock pallets.

Affits to the intended purpose of use
These films can show clear differences in their resistance to chemicals. The variations in flexibility are especially important when gluing smooth or round surfaces.

The Paper film prints with their paper-like surface offer the superior print quality of coated paper and the endurance of PE or film PP.

They also meet the standards for hot filling, such as within the chemical sector, in a flash.

Seawater certified roll labels made of plastic film (PE) to allow thermal transfer printing

We manufacture optically appealing glossy labels made of white PE film. These are typically used on PE surfaces for recycling reasons.

The flexibility and strength that the film has also permitted. It to be fixed to curving surfaces like barrels. And deformable packages without any problems. LASERPLUS PE labels are characterized by their high resistance to weather and are suitable for use outdoors.

Labels made of this material are typically put on HDPE barrels or PE shrink hoods. They can also be stuck onto PE stretch films. The foil labels can be recycled together with the packaging as per the type.

  • PE film white, glossy very opaque and extremely adhesive

The seawater-resistant label made from LASERPLUS PE Paper print combines the excellent quality of printing on coated paper with the durability of PE film. Print results and resolution on this specific material is excellent. The film is very well-equipped for post-inscriptions using thermal transfer printers. And matrix printers (resin or resin/wax ribbons, or Thermal transfer ribbon).

The print is smudge proof and scratch-proof. Labels made of LASERPLUS PE Paper print are UV-stable and weatherproof. They can be used outdoors with no issues. They are resistant to heat and are also suitable for filling at high temperatures. The adhesive holds extremely well even on hard surfaces.

  • PE Print, paper, Matt, opaque, extremely sticky

* certified in accordance with BS 5609 Section 3 in relation to: printed at LASERPLUS through the flexo print process with certified colors of yellow and red and thermal transfer printers using ZEBRA model 110xi4 with different thermal transfer ribbons / thermal transfer foil

Seawater-resistant roll-on labels made of Polypropylene Film (PP) to allow thermal transfer printing

Thermal Transfer Labels
Thermal Transfer Labels

Thanks to this, PVC film produces optically very attractive, glossy, non-translucent adhesive labels for you. These are preferably used on PP surfaces for recycling reasons.

The mother-of-pearl look of the film creates a unique look. They are especially soft and are also suitable for curving surfaces as well as for applications that require extreme weather resistance as well as resistance to chemical. They are also suitable to label products for cosmetics as well as household cleaning products etc.

  • PP film white, glossy, opaque and coated with a top coat. extremely adhered *
  • PP paper print, white, matt extremely adhesive

* certified in accordance with BS 5609 Section 3 in the context of: pre-printed LASERPLUS in the flexo printing process with certified colors of yellow and red and a thermal transfer printers from ZEBRA model 110xi4 using various Thermal ribbons for transfer (thermal transfer foils ) or ribbon).

Seawater-resistant roll-on labels made of Polyester film (PET) for thermal transfer printing

The polyester labels are characterized. By their extremely high resistance to mechanical influences, such as e.g. B. scratches off. They are UV-resistant and weatherproof, which means. They can be used outdoors without any issues. Furthermore, the polyester film is extremely robust. Tear-resistant, and is distinguished by its excellent durability.

The labels are ideal to inscribe with industrial printers using thermal transfer printing. They may also be subsequently inscribed with an ink ballpoint pen or pencil. The adhesive holds extremely well, even on rough surfaces. The polyester labels are also ideal for high temperatures and humid environments (e.g. to be used as namesakes). They also meet the requirements for hot filling in flying colors.

  • Silver, Matt, highly sticky
  • White, Matt, extremely sticky