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Cigarette Boxes

Packaging is one factor that holds the most power and can bring great benefits to a brand. Packaging is your brand statement. In other words, it is the trademark of a brand. Eventually, packaging becomes a brand’s identity. If the packaging is unique, the brand will be recognized for it.

On the other hand, if the packaging is ordinary, neglected, and ignored by the brand, it can do more harm than benefit. Packaging allows the buyers to spot your product easily. Cigarettes, being a luxury item, demand an exquisite exterior. Thus, it is important to be sure of every element that goes into the production of a cigarette box.

Customers demand the paper cigarette boxes be made strong. Usually, cigarettes are found damaged by the customers. Hence, this has been a major reason for disappointment. Time and again, customers have expressed their disappointment over this matter as well.

It was time for brands to modify and look for better and sturdier packaging. Gradually, with more awareness, brands stopped ignoring and neglecting their packaging. However, now was the time to appal the market with a transformed version of the cigarette boxes!

The brands demanded and needed the following aspects to be covered in their packaging:

  • A stronger exterior protects the cigarettes and helps companies ensure the cigarettes’ safe shipping.
  • Better and improved look of cigarette boxes to attract customers. Thus, this was highly important to attract more people to your brand.
  • A uniquely structured packaging that can stand out amongst many other cigarette boxes.

Cardboard cigarette boxes were the solution that satisfied all the tobacco companies. These boxes cover and fit in all the aspects mentioned!

Product specification:

  • Cardboard cigarette boxes are designed specifically to serve the most important purpose-protecting the cigarettes.
  • They are highly durable and aim to provide a tough exterior and shield your cigarettes properly.
  • Cardboard cigarette boxes can be changed into any shape and size.
  • The cigarettes can be easily accommodated in them.
  • Furthermore, with customization, you can choose to style your boxes according to how you want them!

The demand and hype for cardboard cigarette boxes!

Since cardboard cigarette boxes started manufacturing, every tobacco company shifted towards them. They were being loved not only by the brands but also by the customers. They were sturdy, and the boxes couldn’t be damaged easily. Thus, this eased the customers as well.

People carry cigarettes with them everywhere they go. Hence, they require packaging that can be carried easily, is handy, and does not get damaged by the slightest conditions. Cardboard cigarette boxes were ideal to fit all these demands.

Moreover, the emerging brands took great advantage of die-cut boxes wholesale. Since these brands are new to the industry, they have a limited budget. They required support and, hence, packaging that could be of great use for counter display boxes.

With cardboard boxes, the new brands could establish and stabilize themselves. Moreover, they quickly made their name and worth in the industry.

Cardboard cigarette boxes have indeed brought benefits to both big and emerging brands. Every company was able to ease their concerns and facilitate themselves with cardboard cigarette boxes.

Furthermore, they brought the respective brand wider recognition as well!

Optimum cardboard stock:

  • Brands neglecting their cigarette boxes had already done enough damage to them. Hence, something better, or more likely a transformation, was required to repair the damage done.
  • Adding layers to your boxes or making them strong enough was highly important. There is no other way for a tobacco brand to survive the current competition.
  • While all the brands were competitive and not settling for anything less, the transformation was much needed.
  • The cardboard stock has tackled all the concerns and fits all the needs and requirements of a brand. It was able to provide a higher level of protection for a cigarette.
  • The other form of cardboard, i.e., corrugated cardboard, has also been chosen by many companies.
  • Furthermore, the thickness of these cardboard cigarette boxes was adjustable. This factor was a major attraction for the companies.
  • Moreover, cardboard boxes are eco-friendly. Having this factor in any packaging is paramount in today’s world.
  • Nowadays, customers do not buy any product that does not have eco-friendly packaging. They know about the world being risked and polluted. Thus, every person is careful with the purchases they make!
  • Thus, these boxes were the solution that every brand was seeking!

Customizing your cardboard cigarette boxes!

Customization has helped brands regain their lost name and fame. With customization, you can easily style your boxes smartly. Having pre-roll boxes that look classy as well as glamorous is important. In other words, your cigarette boxes must be a style statement to fit a luxurious commodity category.

Customization comes along with many features. Following the steps below will help you to design your cardboard cigarette boxes!

  1. Make a box look and print it. Design what your boxes look like and appear to the customers. If you want to add any additional details, you can do that as well,
  2. With cardboard boxes, adding a die-cut window becomes a need. With a die-cut, your customers can look inside the box. Thus, this way, they can ensure that the cigarettes are safe.
  3. Furthermore, you can use foiling and embossing/debussing to add details to your cardboard boxes. For instance, you can use them to make your logo stand out. Boxes with details tend to grab more attention than others.
  4. To finish off, coat your cardboard cigarette boxes. There are three different types of coats. These coats will make your boxes look unique. The coatings are gloss, matte and aqueous. Thus, you may choose whichever you like more!

Enjoy customizing!

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