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If you intend to open an online cake business, or if you already operate a thriving local bakery or cake shop and are eager to rebrand it. Then, to serve, pack, and ship your exquisitely prepared cakes, you might need some sophisticated Custom cake takeaway boxes.
Cakes are undoubtedly a pleasure for the eyes and the palate. And an excellent, high-quality Cake Box is required for your delectable cakes. But have you ever questioned whether your cake takeaway boxes make the cakes that ardent bakers produce justice? Or have you struggled with deciding what kind of paper to use so that the cake boxes match the cake’s aesthetic?

Types of Paper In Cake Takeaway Box Packaging

Kraft Paper

For packing cake takeaway boxes since the dawn of time, kraft paper has been used. It has a brown appearance and is frequently mistaken for and connected with cardboard shipment boxes. However, it provides the box with a luxurious yet natural look and feels, making it the top option for many bakeries. Even though this paper is straightforward and cost-effective, its rugged design and qualities that give it additional strength are some of the hidden reasons it is so popular for protecting cakes and maintaining their form.

The best aspect about this kraft paper, aside from everything else, is that it is renowned for being ecologically friendly due to the fact that it is made from unbleached pulp, making it one of the purest varieties of paper that are totally chlorine-free. It is one of the greatest options for perishable packaging goods like cake because it wasn’t subjected to any chemical processing to achieve its brown color.
Additionally, there are numerous options for a great degree of customization to give your boxes a lovely and bright appearance. These days, takeaway box printing is hugely popular. Kraft paper is the best option for your bakery if you want your cake takeaway boxes to have an organic appearance and feel.


Two separate layers of paper are fused together to form duplex paper. It is made entirely of wood pulp, with bleach lining on one side. In other words, the external layer of the board is typically coated to increase its water resistance and give it a glossy appearance.
Additionally, this paper is strong and lightweight, making it convenient to carry. Even with such high-end features, it is unquestionably a cost-efficient option. The duplex paper is created food grade in accordance with the specifications, making it perfect for wholesale cake takeaway boxes and other types of food packaging.


A type of paper board known as Solid Bleached Surface, or SBS, also referred to as Solid Bleached Board, or SBB is constructed entirely from chemically bleached pulp and has synthetic color applied to the surfaces. Originally, it was white on both sides.
SBS paper is additionally simple to cut, crease, stamp, and even emboss. But in order to use it for consumables like cake, this board is laminated to make it food-grade. It is therefore regarded as the best option, particularly when it comes to producing high-quality, personalized graphics for cake takeaway packaging boxes. Therefore, the SBS paper board is the way to go if your bakery is seeking a custom cake takeaway box that can have exceptional design prints.

Cake Takeaway Boxes Feature a Variety of Shapes

Traditional Plain Cake Takeaway Box

The typical basic cake takeaway cartons have been in use for a while and are quite effective. Everywhere in the market, these paper boxes are offered in recycled paper board, virgin ITC paper board, and duplex paper board with or without lamination.

Handle Cake Takeaway Box

If you utilize any of the aforementioned boxes, you will either hold the bakery box or request the paper bag. What if we utilize the cake box with the handle and mix the two? It is quite convenient for the consumer to carry the cake or desserts around, thanks to the cake box’s handle.
The weight of the Cake must be supported by the handle. It indicates that the box is sturdy. For the box, I’d advise using premium virgin paper or imported kraft paper.

Cake Box with Window

You can get a peep inside the paper box with the window at the delectable cakes and treats that are kept there. Everyone is tempted to open the bakery box with the window and grab a piece of the delectable cake within.
The machine creates the paper box with the window cut out; then, the plastic sheet is hand adhered. The box must be made out of the high-quality paper board. For the box, ITC paper board or imported Kraft paper both work excellently.


In conclusion, we can state that cake takeaway boxes are distinctive packaging items for making tiny cakes. These are the boxes that can entirely change how cakes are shown, making them prettier and more appealing. In addition to benefiting bakers by ensuring a steady supply of freshly made cakes, it is the best technique to preserve freshly cooked cakes for a longer amount of time. These cake takeaway boxes are useful for more than just bakeries; mothers at home can use them to make cakes.

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