Diabetic Type 1 Diabetic Dawn

What are some problems from this can include

  1. Low or high sugar levels
  2. Being forced to take more insulin than normal
  3. Having to always wake up during the morning to inject or take insulin to combat the sugar getting released by your body
  4. Be able to change to how much high it makes your blood sugar level goes

Low sugar can be caused by you being forced to take insulin which would normally done at say Breakfast, lunch, dinner or during high spells meaning you have to wake up at like 5am to inject make sure you have Food or drink with good amount of sugar, so your body can restore its sugar level while you run to lose the liver sugar into your body.

High sugar can make you feeling sick or other problems so try and get jab as soon as possible when it happens for me, it happens between like 10 pm to 5am in the next day I need to normally wake up between 5 am to 6am so take insulin, but you have may need to do it at least 2am depending on when your body releases the sugar into your body it’s meant to be connected to when humans used to work up at like 5am to farm or do other jobs in the past so many people have dawn affect even non-diabetic so be aware of this problem and if you need help contact a Diabetic nurse or Diabetic Doctor to get help or guidance you may require.

Waking up early in the morning if you never had done it or diabetic dawn may annoy you or give you problems, but it’s just something we have to manage as good as possible so if possible try and setup alarm cock at like 5am or whenever you need the jab but make sure once you jab if you go back to sleep make sure you have enough remaining sugar if you can’t stay awake so eat a sweet for example a Mars bar or chocolate milk something with good sugar amount but not enough to sleep you getting to sleep so try and balance things as good as possible to make your condition work well.

When I first got it would give me problems from like 10pm then other it would happen in the morning time, so I would recommend you try and take things when possible into a day-to-day basic for example if you are going to relax then taking more insulin can be good idea or if you are going to go for run or do exercise then taking less insulin can be smart but watch doing exercise to early or can give you problems I found going for walks was big problem for me, so now I only do exercise in my house until afternoon at like 2pm with my ferret who I take for walks which I would recommend you do exercise afternoon when your fast acting insulin has in theory left your body or most of it so no low spells when possible.

Some things I have found which can help include

  1. Wheatgrass
  2. Rice
  3. Coffee or tea
  4. Honey
  5. exercise
  6. Yoga

Wheatgrass can make your sugar level drop, so that can be used to help stop your body making you to high sugar wise.

Rice since it’s full of energy can be used to combat sugar loss during injection which may work well for you if you do things right with eating it in the morning or night time can work well for some people .

Coffee or tea can help loser sugar level I found Green tea can sometimes help lower one blood pressure, so this may be of use to some of you to try out does not matter if Chinese or Japanese or another country Green tea form or Coffee with health acting things like vitamin can lower sugar levels sometime.

Many forms are great like going for walks or runs I love doing or karate or another martial arts can help decrease your insulin use if you don’t know how to do this many good quality karate or martial videos exist on YouTube or you can simply join a karate club in your town or city if you prefer the personal touch to learn how to do this great sport overall.

Yoga can be great sport or way to lose weight or even reduce this is exercise done by Indians for like 1000s of years you can join a yoga class if you want the personal feel to this or just watch Yoga videos online then copy what they do this can also help stop you getting pulled muscles or back problems which is part of why so many people all around the world do this on day or weekly basic, and it has many proven health benefits for why you may want to start doing this every week and many Indians can guide if you want help from local man or woman since many from this country are wonderful people.