Google Chrome is Taking Strict Action Against Spam Extensions

Chrome Web Store is the sole source of the Chrome extensions. As we know that hackers are all around the online world. Some malicious Chrome extensions are also available on the internet. These Chrome extensions are creating some safety and security issues. By keeping in mind the safety and security of the users, Google has decided to take strict action against the spam extensions. For this reason, Google has prepared a set of restrictions. Based on this set of restrictions, Google will consider either an extension is spam or not. For this reason, Google has given the chance to the developers to bring necessary changes in its extensions. Google will enforce this policy on 27th August. The main points of this policy are explained below;

  • The developers are not allowed to publish more than one extension that are providing the same functions. On the Chrome Web Store, the developers and their affiliates can upload one extension for one purpose.
  • Google Chrome has also provided clear guidelines about the description and metadata of the extensions. According to Google Chrome, you are not allowed to upload misleading description and metadata in the extensions. It means that metadata and description of the Google Chrome should provide clear guidelines about the extension.
  • The Google Chrome rate the extensions based on the user-experience of the users. If an extension has a good rating, it means that it is the best Chrome extension and Google recommends this extension to other users. On the other hand, if an extension has a bad rating, Google will not recommend this extension to the users. Some developers try to increase the rating of their extensions by some illegitimate means. It means that they increase the rating of their extensions by fraudulent downloads and reviews.
  • If someone wants to launch another app, theme or web page with the help of an extension, Google will also remove it from its store. It means that your extension should have a clear purpose. You should not create an extension for the promotional point of view.
  • The extensions that can harm the experience of the users are also not allowed. Moreover, the extensions should not be abusive. You can’t send notifications and ads with the help of your extensions. With the help of extensions, you can’t send messages on behalf of the users.

To save the people from the spammers and hackers, Google has started to take actions. In the last month, Google Chrome has removed more than 4 dozen malicious extensions. These malicious extensions were stealing the private information of the users. Some extensions were stealing the information of the financial accounts. This policy is also showing the concern of Google for its users. It means that Google is paying enough attention to providing the best quality content to its users. Google also hates dangerous content. It is also an alarming situation for users. Its reason is that due to these malicious extensions, people are not secured on the internet. Anyhow, the hopeful thing is that Google is taking strict and timely actions against these malicious extensions. After the 27th August, almost all the malicious extensions will be removed from the Google Chrome Store.

Research by a dissertation help provider shows that most of the people are thinking that who have given birth to these spam extensions. The answer to this question is that lots of people are resorting to the extension platforms. That’s why along with the best quality extensions, some malicious extensions are also present on the Google Chrome Store. When lots of people download and install these extensions, cybercriminals gain more profit.

Now, it is also the responsibility of Google Chrome to keep a vigilant eye on the Chrome extensions. Google Chrome should try to take strict action against those extensions which are uploading spam or malicious extensions. Moreover, Google should also try to update its policies constantly. Google should also consider about the extensions which are getting the high ranking by getting suspicious reviews and rating. Some developers are trying to increase the downloads of their extensions in fraudulent ways. Google Chrome should also take strict actions against them.

In the recent policy, Google Chrome has prohibited all the developers who are increasing the reviews, rating and downloads of an extension by giving incentives to the users by illegitimate means. As we know that Google Play Store is the most popular source to download apps. In the Google Play Store, there were also some malicious apps. Moreover, in the Google Play Store, some developers were also trying to increase the ranking of their apps by illegitimate means.

Google Play Store has introduced and implement the policy against them. Similarly, Google Chrome Store should also try to follow the same rules. If Google Chrome Store doesn’t take strict actions against them, people will not find the legitimate content on the Google Chrome Store. As a result, Google will not claim to provide the best user experience. As we know that Google will never want to lose its reputation. Therefore, we will see legitimate content in the Google Chrome store.

Google Chrome has also noticed that some developers are using Chrome extensions to send messages or spam notifications to the people. According to Google Chrome, these extensions are sending notifications and messages to the people without confirmation. This thing is opening the paths for the hackers to crawl and steal the private information of the users. To save the users from these kinds of problems, Google Chrome Store should also remove these kinds of extensions.

Cybercrimes are not new for the users. Its reason is that with the help of cybercrimes, the hackers can easily enter into the computer systems and they can create problems for the high-profile organizations. To save the high-profile organizations from the attack of the hackers, it is also necessary for the Google Chrome Store to successfully implement this policy. There are almost 200,000 extensions on the Google Chrome Store. To make necessary changes in their extensions, Google Chrome Store has given the time till 27th August 2020. After that, this policy will be implemented and Google will take strict action against the spam extensions.

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