Guide to vacuum pressure regulator valves

A vacuum pressure regulator valve is the equipment that is used for controlling and stabilizing the pressure of air through inlet and outlet ports without worrying about higher or unstable pressure in the system. In the past, a single valve vacuum regulator was used for managing air pressure, but the mechanical devices required constant monitoring and human intervention, which is why their results are not as efficient as compared to the digital regulators.

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Here you should know that as mentioned in the the modern-day vacuum pressure regulator valve and vacuum breakers would work in the same way except that the vacuum controller would never allow air to go through a processed line. The vacuum breaker would let the air pass through the process line, which means you would have to spend your expenses on cleaning and maintaining the airlines.

What are the different types of vacuum regulators?

Vacuum pressure regulator valve is used for the basic purpose of maintaining pressure within a sealed system. But you must know there are multiple types of vacuum pressure regulator valves that can be used to maintain pressure in a pneumatic system depending on the application for which they are required for. There are two main types mechanical regulators and the digital vacuum regulator valve.

A mechanical vacuum pump regulator is the device which works on the basis of the force balance principle. Here you should know that the internal pressure in the system is relieved with the help of inlet ports. Relieving the pressure and allowing air from the opening ports contributes to pressure management. The inlet ports in these kinds of valves are closed to increase vacuum and reduce the pressure inside the system.

If you are wondering how a pressure regulator work then you must know that digital high pressure regulators use a spring loaded diaphragm system to relieve pressure inside the valve. The pressure in these regulators is maintained through the closing (outlet) portals instead of the inlet ones. The vacuum pressure regulator valve opens the closing portals to release pressure inside the system to reduce vacuum level. The internal application pressure would however increase with this.

What are the common applications of vacuum regulator valves?

If you don’t have much knowledge about the common applications of vacuum pressure regulator valves then you must read the list we have given below:

  1. High pressure controller is used for accurate airflow control
  2. You can use these regulators for pressure stabilization
  3. These can be used for easy controlling of water pump pressure
  4. You can optimize liquid flow in large industry applications 
  5. The vacuum regulators are also used for altitude stimulations 
  6. You can see a very common application of these regulators in food packaging industry
  7. Vacuum pressure regulator valve are also used for reservoir regulation 
  8. You can also see the use of this equipment in flow meters
  9. Medical and dental equipments also use vacuum regulator valves
  10. You can also see the use of high pressure controllers in hospitals and labs

These are some of the most common applications of the vacuum pressure regulator valves.

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