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Long hair is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of maintenance. If you have long hair, and you’re looking for ways to keep it healthy while you catch your Zzzs, then check out these tips for sleeping with long locks. You’ll wake up with gorgeous hair every month

Toss your hair up into a loose bun.

With all the possible ways to sleep on your side, we’re going to focus on one style: the fetal position. This is when you lay on your side with both knees drawn in towards your chest and your arms wrapped around them. When you do this, it’s best to keep all of those long strands out of the way by securing them in a low ponytail or braid before resting your head down onto your pillow. Or, if you’re feeling especially ambitious (and have lots of time to spare), try some other styles that involve twisting and pinning sections together into multiple knots or braids along each side of your head so that they fall behind and away from where it rests against the mattress. This will also give added protection from tangles as well as help keep dirt and dust off any exposed skin such as face or neck area.”

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Braid your hair to add some pretty waves.

You can add some pretty waves to your braids by twisting the end of the braid.
To braid, divide your hair into three sections, and then make sure that each section is even in size.
Starting at the bottom of one section, use an elastic band (or two) to hold all three pieces together as you start making a French braid.
When you reach the end of one piece, switch to another strand on top of it and continue braiding until all strands are included in a single large braid.
Take out any elastic bands before completing this step so that your hair doesn’t get tangled or damaged when sleeping!

Wear a satin or silk scarf.

This is one of the best ways to protect your hair while sleeping. The silk scarf will protect your locks from damaging and tangling, which can happen while you’re tossing and turning at night.
It also protects your hair from breakage, heat damage from the sun or heater, dryness from cold winter winds, rain and snow (if you live somewhere where it snows), and excessive heat from hot summer temperatures. There are several styles available on Amazon for less than $15 each if you’ve never tried this before!

Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.

If you sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase, your hair will be healthier and shinier. Silk and satin are both smoother than cotton, which means that they don’t snag on tangles as easily. They also have a natural lubricity that makes them less likely to cause friction against your scalp as you toss and turn at night. This can make it easier for your hair to dry properly overnight—reducing the amount of breakage caused by wetness.[1]
Silk and satin also help keep makeup looking fresh longer.[2] The fibres act like an exfoliant, gently rubbing off dead skin cells while you lie still in bed.[3] This keeps pores clear so that they don’t get clogged with oil or dirt during the day.

Invest in a silk or satin bonnet.

A bonnet is a great way to protect your hair while you sleep. You can find them at most drug stores, and they’re easy to wash and dry. Just take a few minutes before bed, pull your hair up into a bun or braid, and tie it with an elastic band (or use ribbon if you want to look extra cute). Then place the bonnet on top of your head and fasten it with the ties around the sides.
It’s important that you keep your hair moisturized while wearing the bonnet; otherwise, it will be very dry by morning! For best results, apply coconut oil or olive oil at night (make sure not too much comes out when you remove the bonnet).

There are ways to protect your long locks while you sleep.

Let’s be honest: sleeping with your hair down is risky business. It can leave you with split ends and breakage, which could take a serious toll on your mane. Sleeping with your hair in a braid or a bun has its own set of problems, too—the tightness of those styles can lead to damage from friction over time (and we know how much we love our bedding).
So what are we supposed to do? Never sleep again?! Hardly! There are solutions for every type of sleeper out there. Here are some ways that you can protect your long locks while you sleep without sacrificing comfort or style.


Now that you know the best tips and tricks to keep your long tribal braids hair healthy at night, you can get the sleep you need without worrying about the state of your tresses in the morning. Whether you choose to braid your hair, invest in a silk pillowcase or bonnet, or simply tie it up before bed, there are numerous options for protecting your locks while you rest. And don’t forget to add a nourishing product like coconut oil or aloe vera into your nighttime routine for even more benefits!

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