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E-ZPass is a popular electronic toll collection system used in many states, including Massachusetts, to facilitate convenient and cashless toll payments. If you own multiple vehicles and want to ensure smooth and efficient toll collection for each vehicle, it’s important to know how to add another car to your E-ZPass account. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding a new vehicle to your E-ZPass account in Massachusetts in 2023.

Understanding E-ZPass in Massachusetts

E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system that utilizes a small transponder device affixed to the windshield of a vehicle. When passing through a toll booth, the transponder communicates with the toll plaza’s equipment, deducting the appropriate toll amount from the associated E-ZPass account. E-ZPass saves time, reduces congestion, and eliminates the need for cash transactions at toll booths.

Adding Another Car to Your E-ZPass Account

If you have multiple vehicles and want to add another car to your existing E-ZPass account in Massachusetts, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Gather the Required Information Before adding a new car to your E-ZPass account, make sure you have the necessary information readily available. You will need the following:

  • Your E-ZPass transponder number(s)
  • Vehicle information, including the license plate number, make, model, and year
  • Your account information, such as your username and password

Step 2: Visit the Massachusetts E-ZPass Website Access the official website of the Massachusetts E-ZPass program. Ensure that you are on the official government website to avoid any fraudulent attempts. The website URL should have a “.gov” domain extension.

Step 3: Log in to Your E-ZPass Account Once on the Massachusetts E-ZPass website, log in to your existing E-ZPass account using your username and password. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one before proceeding.

Step 4: Navigate to the “Vehicles” or “Add a Vehicle” Section Within your E-ZPass account dashboard, look for the “Vehicles” or “Add a Vehicle” section. The location and labeling may vary slightly depending on the website’s design.

Step 5: Enter the New Vehicle Information In the “Add a Vehicle” section, provide the required information for the new vehicle you wish to add. This typically includes the license plate number, make, model, and year. Double-check the accuracy of the information to ensure seamless processing.

Step 6: Link the Transponder to the New Vehicle If you already have an additional transponder, you can associate it with the new vehicle during the registration process. Otherwise, you may need to request an additional transponder from the E-ZPass program. Follow the instructions provided on the website to link the transponder to the new vehicle.

Step 7: Verify and Save the Changes Before finalizing the process, review the entered information for accuracy. Once you are satisfied, save the changes, and the new vehicle will be added to your E-ZPass account.

Step 8: Test the Transponder After adding the new vehicle, it is advisable to test the functionality of the transponder by passing through an E-ZPass-equipped toll plaza. This ensures that the transponder is working correctly and properly registered with the new vehicle.


Adding another car to your E-ZPass account in Massachusetts is a straightforward process that can save you time and hassle when traveling through toll plazas. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can seamlessly add a new vehicle to your existing E-ZPass account. Remember to gather all the necessary information, access the official Massachusetts E-ZPass website, and provide accurate vehicle details during the registration process. With multiple vehicles registered to your E-ZPass account, you can enjoy the convenience of cashless toll payments and ensure a smoother travel experience in 2023 and beyond.

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