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If you’re a Muslim, you already know how important it is for them to memorize the Holy Quran.
Many people experiment with the Hifz Quran. You must be constant if you want to learn and
memorize the Quran. It is a very difficult journey.
The question that arises when a Muslim wishes to memorize the Quran is how long this process
will take.

 How Long Does It Take To Hifz The Quran

The Quran is written in a style that is unlike anything else in the world. It takes time and effort to
investigate this way till every cell in your body understands Allah’s teachings. As a result,
memorizing the Quran and getting through this stage takes a long time.
People start memorizing the Quran, but then stop for a variety of reasons. They are angry,
struggle to memorize the Quran, and have a troubled mind. According to statistics, going for a
memorize Quran online course takes between 4 and 5 years to finish. But miracles do happen,
and many people can memorize in less than two to three years.

Youngest Kid To Memorize The Quran

Millions of Muslims admire Abdul-Rahman, who is only three years old, for his ability to
memorize the Quran. He did not attend any Quran schools or mosques and learned the Quran
on his own.
When the Algerian child was two years old and had only recently learned to talk, he began
memorizing the Quran. In a year, he learned the entire Quran. In a recent broadcast on the
young prodigy, the MBC network said Abdul-Rahman has an outstanding capacity for reading
the Quran most sweetly in a Tarteel manner without making the slightest mistake with the laws
of recitation.
The first Surah of the Quran he was expected to learn was Surah Kahf. According to the
account, Abdul-mother Rahman’s used to reciting Surah Kahf during her pregnancy because it
brought her serenity.
This boy set a world record for memorizing the Quran in a year. However, these instances are
extremely rare; these individuals have been endowed with exceptional powers by Almighty

Memorize The Quran In five years

Memorizing the Holy Quran in 5 years can be accomplished by memorizing 5 verses per day.
Select a Holy Quran with pages of around 600. One page can take up to three days to

Remember. Consistency, though, is the most important step to take. You’ll be able to reach the
goal without difficulty. Besides, you can also go online 

  • In a 5-year plan, you won’t need a tutor because you’ll just have to memorize 5 verses per day.
  • To create a faster-memorizing habit, start with the final juz and memorize the last three juz.
  • Use audio recordings to remember the Quran in 5 years and to learn the Quran more easily and quickly.
  • Five times a day, in prayers, recite the memorized surahs. To get a hold of it.

How To Memorize A Quran In Two Years

Memorizing the Quran is one of the highest attainments a Muslim can make. You must follow
and plan systematically while starting on this magnificent road to becoming a hafiz in two years.
An individual can memorize the Quran in many ways. Memorizing the Quran is one of the
highest attainments a Muslim can make. You should follow this plan before starting this great

  • To begin, find a teacher who can teach you Quranic tajweed and aid you in developing a two-year tailored schedule.
  • To create a faster-memorizing habit, start with the final juz and memorize the last three juz.
  • Use audio recordings to remember the Quran in two years and to learn the Quran more easily and quickly.
  • You might enrol in one of the many efficient online Quran memorizing courses
  • available today, which are the most convenient approach to learn the Quran.

How To Memorize Quran In One Year

You should be able to recollect all 30 juz of the Quran in a year to have good memorization. To
guarantee that his memorization is well retained in his mind, a Muslim must follow specific

  • You can start by memorizing a little portion of a verse or two verses per day.
  • At least 15 times, read the verse you want to memorize.
  • After you’ve read it with your eyes on the paper, try reading it again without looking at it. This can help you develop a technique for memorizing the Quran quickly.
  • Move on to the next verse after memorizing one juz and repeat the process.
  • Try following a one-year schedule, which will surely help you study more efficiently.

How To Memorize Quran In Six Months

The most important undertaking you will ever undertake is memorizing the Quran. However, if
you want to memorize the entire Quran in less than six months, here are some tips to help you
memorize the Quran in less than six months.

  • Follow your plan and keep your intentions pure.
  • Continue to practice the part you’ve remembered.
  • In front of your tutor, classmates, and family members, recite the learned section.
  • Choose the most convenient moment to memorize, such as after the fajr prayer, then recite to memorize jug after each prayer.

Because memorizing the entire Quran in 6 months is extremely difficult, you must memorize at
least 5 pages per day.

Bottom Line

Because the Quran is Allah’s Almighty Book, memorizing it will grant you access to all of
Jan nah’s gates. 
The Quran contains all the stories of the successors and forefathers. It embraces all
terrestrial and heavenly sciences in their entirety. Scientific, legal, pharmaceutical, and
cosmological information can all be found in the Quran
This implies that learning the Quran is the same as learning the entire world’s encyclopedia.
The Quran cures all physical and psychological ailments. All of your anxieties, grief, and
accumulations will be removed by the Quran.

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