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With the arrival of your brand-new Apple Watch, you might be wondering how to set the clock on your new device. This article will teach you everything you need to know about setting your watch’s clock so that you can use it right away and enjoy its other great features. Note that there are two different ways to set the time on your Apple Watch, but both are relatively simple and quick to do.

Turn Your Apple Watch Off

Press and hold on the side button until you see Power Off. Tap Power Off. The Apple Watch turns off.

If you are using an Apple Watch Series 3(GPS +Cellular) or earlier, you need to sync your watch before turning it for good. Otherwise, when you turn it back on later, your data won’t be there. On your iPhone: Open the Apple Watch app. Tap My Watch. Scroll down and tap Apple > Sync Now to automatically synchronize any data still in memory with iPhone. When asked if you want to keep updated information on your iPhone, choose keep Updated Data. This lets Siri notify you about updates even your watch isn’t synced with iPhone.

Put It Into Airplane Mode 

When you’re changing time zones, put your Apple Watch into Airplane Mode (Setting>General > Airplane Mode). This will ensure that it’s not trying to pull any new time-zone information while you change setting. You can take it out of Airplane Mode once you arrive at your destination. If it’s already in Airplane Mode, simply sync with your I Phone as a normal and all of your appointments should transfer to Apple Watch accurately. You should find that when you open up Calendar after reestablishing a connection with your iPhone, an alert asking if today is a different day? Appears; tap yes here and all events will be transferred over to Apple WATCH.

Tap setting

Scroll down and tap General, then tap Date & Time. Once in Date & Time, tap Set Automatically or off to change your watch’s clock from automatic syncing (where it will automatically update with daylight saving time) to manually syncing. Turn to Set date and time. The use of your Digital Crown to dial back your watch until it displays a 24- hour analog clock face with ticking hands. Turn off Show moon phase if you don’t need that feature; otherwise, leave that setting alone for now.

Select General

To access your general setting, tap setting from your watch face. Ta General, and then you can select Date & Time. To set both for all other times of day, tap Time Zone under Date and Time. Select your time zone from a list of global cities or let Siri tell you which one is correct for you-just say, set time zone when Siri asks what it should be. When that ’ done, close setting by tapping done in upper right corner. That’s it! You now know how to change your Apple Watch clock setting. Enjoy and exploring your new timepiece.

Select Date And Time

Because you’re using your iPhone to set up your watch, it’s best if you set your phone’s date and time in advance. While you can change these settings manually on your watch, I found that doing so is easier when I had my I Phone with me. To set these settings, tap Setting> General> Date Time. Make sure set automatically is turned on. (That way, your phone uses its network connection to make sure its time is always current.) tap save at the top of the screen. Now return to Home screen and tap Bluetooth; make sure Bluetooth is turned on. When prompted, tap Turn on Bluetooth. Return to Setting > General > Date > & Time again, then scroll down and turn off set automatically.

Tap Time Zone

Make sure you’re in the correct time zone. Press and hold the watch face until a gear icon appears in the upper right corner. TP it, then tap change time zone. Select your new location and confirm with Set it now! Be sure to wait for confirmation – it takes several minutes for Apple Watch to process all of its data, which means that you – won’t be able to use any apps while it loads up. If you have tried to launch an app before it has completed loading, your device will alert you that features aren’t available. Once everything is set up, however, you should see a small green indicator light at the top left on your watch here.

Choose Current Location

On your iPhone, go to Setting > General > Date & Time and make sure that Set Automatically turned on. Then, open your Apple Watch app. Tap General and scroll down until you see a section called Time zone. Choose your current location, press Done and then confirm. You’ll have to wait for a few minutes while everything syncs-but after that you’re good to go! You can even change between time zones by swiping left or right at any time during a day. And don’t worry: changes will be updated across all of your devices, whether they be in watchOS 3 or not.


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