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Funny sunflower picture in just 6 straightforward actions! Flowers are the numerous gorgeous factories the character shows, and there are considerable styles and species to appreciate.
Apiece of these bloom interpretations suggests a special color, form, or smell want, and each has its dears.
It’s hard not to love the sunflower because this beautiful, bright flower stands out with its incredible size and colors. That’s also what this guide on how to draw a cartoon sunflower is about!
We have a pretty representation of this famous flower for you to work with in this focus, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it!
This step-by-step direction on removing a cartoon sunflower in just 6 fun and easy steps will walk you through the process of breeding this amazing flower.

Step 1: How to draw a funny sunflower – permit’s distance formed!

We’ll start with this first step of your cartoon sunflower drawing. First, we’ll draw a circular shape for the center outline of the flower. As you can see in the later images, this part will also work as the face of the flower, and we’ll add some facial features to it.
First, take your time to outline the face. It will be rounded, but it will also have a vaguely square shape with rounded edges.
Next, draw two thin black ovals for the eyes of this cartoon sunflower. Finally, we are going to draw a cute smiley mouth below.
You can opt for a different mouth design if you prefer! Currently is the moment to drag on to hoof 2.

Step 2: Currently remove the rather petals of this cartoon sunflower.

What would a sunflower be without petals? In this step of our guide on drawing a cartoon sunflower, we will outline some petals for this beautiful sunflower.
Each of these petals will be relatively small and round. As you can see in the reference image, some will overlap others to give more dimension to the look of the flower.
Each petal will also have a straight line through the center of the base of the petal and inward, as shown in the example.
Then we can continue to add some more petals in the next steps.

Step 3: Following, remove more additional petals.

We will add four more petals to this beautiful sunflower to build on. This next set of petals will go to the top edge of the flower. These petals will be the same as the previous set of petals, meaning there will be rounded outlines with a straight line inside the center.
Like the earlier collection of petals, they will also coincide.
Once you’re done, move on to step 4!

Step 4: Currently remove the suspension of the petals.

Looking at what we’ve drawn of this cartoon sunflower design, you’ll notice a tiny bit of petals left to add, and we’ll get to that now. These last 5 petals will fill the remaining space of the flower, again resembling the previous ones.
Space them out to fit the remaining space can be tricky, so you might as well draw them in pencil first, so you don’t have to worry about mistakes.
Then we can carry on to the last elements and branches in the fifth stage of the focus.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Cartoon Sunflower Drawing

This fifth step of our focus on attracting a comic sunflower will permit you to complete the last segment of this document. We’ll also cover some ways to add extra details and ideas!
First, let’s add that last detail. This will be a stem for the sunflower, and it’s a pretty simple design.
All you possess to achieve is tow a long thin rectangle starting from the base of the flower. So, you are ready for those extra details!
You can draw a background, which is a great way to enhance an amazing drawing.
This is also a great opportunity to add some extra flowers and other plants to enhance this design further.
What fun details would make this cute cartoon sunflower even cuter?

Step 6: Finish your picture with coloring.

You are prepared to complete this sketch with class and a piece of color! Sunflowers are understood for their colorful, energetic colors; we’ve imitated them in our reference image.

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