How To Respond If Your Car Is Damaged By A Tow Truck?

Tow trucks are a useful resource for disabled vehicles. A tow truck approaching from the distance is a welcome sight when you are stranded on the side of the road. If you’ve hired a reputable tow truck Winnipeg, chances are that everything will go smoothly. You may typically assume that your car can be accurately hauled in the direction it needs to go without suffering any damage. It takes expertise and use of experience to tow a car. You must have perseverance because you are responsible for both your customer’s car and the lives of other people. 

Therefore, you need a trustworthy towing company that can safely tow your car to its intended destination. However, carelessness on the part of negligent towing companies could result in damage to your car. Such damages may be too expensive for you, which could lead to protracted disputes with the towing company. Most of the time, even when towing, the driver is responsible for any damage he causes to your car. There are a few circumstances, though, that you should be aware of.

What occurs if your car is damaged while being towed?

A towing company must be trustworthy enough to protect its customer’s cars. After all, their main responsibility is to transport the customer’s vehicle to a nearby workshop or a location that is more secure. Therefore, the towing company is typically responsible for any damage to the car while it is being towed if the towing driver’s negligence causes an accident.

Examples of situations where the driver may inadvertently cause damage include:

  • While changing lanes the vehicle being pulled hits another car.
  • The towed vehicle detaches from the towing trailer and collides with oncoming vehicles.
  • The pedestrian is struck by the towing vehicle’s excessive speed.

All such scenarios result from improperly hauling or towing the vehicle. There would be fewer situations like these if the towing company performed its duties ethically. Such damages are the responsibility of the driver, and the towing business is in response. However, you need to read the terms and situations of your picked agency since currently not every firm will pay for the damages.

What Could You Do to Change It?

Depending on your state or region, you may be able to take certain actions if a towing company damages your car. Before your car is being far towed, you should take a picture of it just to be safe. Don’t sign any office work without analyzing it very closely. Ask your insurance company if they will reimburse you if something happens to your automobile while it is being towed.

Determine damage extent

If your car needs repairs since it was so badly damaged, you should expect to pay a lot of money. In a situation like this, it’s critical to determine whether the damage to your car was caused by tow truck company negligence, carelessness, or unprofessionalism. If the tow truck company caused harm through the improper conduct of one or more of its employees, it must be held liable. 

Insurance Policy

In the event that a tow truck damages your vehicle, you have a few options for recovering compensation. An honorable tow truck Winnipeg company will frequently acknowledge their mistakes and agree to pay the fees. Additionally, you should immediately check with your insurance provider to see if the damage is covered by your policy. A collision insurance policy will frequently cover losses brought on by a tow truck firm. 

Hire a lawyer

Stronger legal action may be necessary if there are disagreements with the insurance company, the damages are particularly costly, your car is highly valued, or the towing company won’t admit wrongdoing. Working with a skilled attorney is typically the most exceptional way to recover money.

What Kinds of Damage Can  Occur While Towing a Car?

Can towing actually damage a car? A car can, in rare circumstances, be damaged by the services provided by a towing company. Typically, it occurs when a driving force makes a mistake.

Bumper Damage: One of the most frequent types of damage caused by a tow truck is bumper damage. Front or rear bumper damage may ensue if the tow truck driver fails to operate the winch hook properly. Drivers of tow trucks should also remember the bumper’s substance. For instance, different care must be taken with metallic and plastic bumpers.

Transmission Damage: Every other typical type of damage brought on by towing is transmission damage. The transmission may be harmed if an automobile’s tires are lying on the ground while being towed, especially if the vehicle is left in the drive. The transaxle may touch the floor and sustain damage if you are rear towing while driving with your front wheels on the ground. Other kinds of car damage that could happen while your car is being towed include:

  • Tire deflation
  • Harm to the windshield
  • Car dents
  • Misalignment issues
  • Interior dents and scratches