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Find out how to get your money back.

If you’ve been the victim of an internet loan scam and don’t know how to act, here are some safe ways for you to try to get your money back.

Often criminals end up impersonating a well-known financial institution and, for that, they use social networks or even WhatsApp.

They offer an advantageous line of credit and make the victim make a bank transfer for fees and expenses that don’t even exist and leave you with the loss.

If you have been a victim of this type of loan scam, pay attention to the following tips.

Contact your bank

The first thing to do is go to your bank.

There are chances to cancel the transfer if you have made a DOC that will be cleared on the next business day.

Check the “Appointments” option in your online bank account and see if the transfer is still there.

If yes, you can cancel it.

If it does not appear, contact your financial institution immediately and ask for help.

Register an Incident Report

It is very important that you formalize what happened so that you have a chance of getting the money back.

With a police report, the case can be investigated by the authorities.

Gather everything you have of evidence: in addition to the proof of deposit, make screen prints of the website that offered the loan, the conversation on WhatsApp, on social networks, or the exchange of emails.

With everything in hand, go personally to a police station.

You can also look for the virtual police station in the state where you live to register without leaving home.

Notify the bank that received the deposit

Contact the bank informed by the criminals, i.e. the bank that received the deposit.

Inform them about the crime and the police report made. In some cases, the manager may temporarily block the account.

If it is proven that the bank account that received the deposit was created with false or adulterated documents, the bank must refund the full amount.

Register the case in Procon

Inform the Procon of your region about the coup.

This can be done over the phone or virtually, depending on the state.

It is Procon that will be able to notify and sue the scammer “company” if it really exists and has a physical address.

In case of “phishing”, report it to Google

“Phishing” is the name of the scam in which someone uses the internet to impersonate another person or company (usually well-known, already credible in the market).

If this is your case, report it to Google itself.

Access this link in the search engine and put the link to the fake website.

That way, it’s possible that other people won’t fall for the same blow you fell for.

look for justice

If even after doing all this, you are not able to get your money back, look for justice to know what can be done in your case.

You can go to the Public Defender’s Office in your state or seek a private attorney.

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