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Having an Indian visa can be useful for all kinds of purposes. For example, you can go to India for business or to pursue your education. You can even go to India for medical treatment. You can apply for an eVisa in order to avoid long lines and hassles. eVisas are also available for US citizens. Read on to learn how to apply for one!

eVisa India

The eVisa India for British citizens is an official document that allows you to enter the country. This document is electronically linked to your passport and can be used to visit any part of the country, including New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and other major cities. You can apply for eVisa India online here. The online form requires basic personal and professional details, as well as information on education and travel history. Moreover, it is essential that you meet the strict guidelines of the eVisa to avoid being denied entry to India.

Business Visitor Visa

A Business Visitor Visa is a short-term, abridged version of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Investor visa. This type of visa allows people to visit the UK for a limited period of time to conduct specific business activities. The visa can be issued for a period of up to six months, although academic visitors can stay for up to twelve months. For more information, please consult the Home Office website.

Transit Visa

Recently, there have been several instances where US and UK citizens were denied boarding on Indian aircraft, citing insufficient transit visas. Last week, the airline company Simple Flying reported on the issue and provided alternatives to the hassle. While the issue is not widespread, it’s worth noting and looking into the best options before booking your ticket. For the time being, here are a few tips that will help you avoid hassle and get the visa you need for your trip to India.

Conference Visa

Those seeking to visit India may qualify for a Conference Visa if they are attending a seminar, conference or a workshop. Applicants who hold an invitation from a government or non-government organization for such an event can apply for the Conference Visa. Applicants must provide a letter of invitation to the host organization specifying the duration and type of internship. They should not have an unnecessary gap of one year between graduation and post-graduation. Conference Visa is also available for applicants with an invitation to a government-organized conference or seminar. Attendance at a conference in India will help them to learn more about the country and its culture.

Medical Visa

An Indian Medical Visa is required for those who want to visit India for a medical treatment. This type of visa is valid for up to three months and allows two attendants. Both must be blood relatives and must apply for separate medical escort visas. Medical attendant visas are issued to a doctor who is accompanying the patient. These visas are valid for almost one year and are required for the duration of treatment.

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