Internal and External Assessments of Post University Online Education

What are assessments?

Assessments are the way to evaluate a student’s academic performance. At the university level, examinations are moulded in a shape that is being evaluated by the internal and external examination bodies. It is the way to evaluate an individual’s academic standing and judge their knowledge by the examination set by the institute or the external examination authorities. However, when online education is linked with assessment, it gets a little trickier as due to the flux in online education, people are opting for better opportunities, which on the one hand, is levelling up the examination and, on the other hand, is creating a challenge for online assessment. Get latest Government Jobs in Universities

People are investing in services offered by different channels that are, hire someone to take my online exam. A great investment is being made in such areas because it is a way of helping students improve their academic performance and create a balance between education and work without missing the degree or certificates. It is advantageous for people with a strict schedule to deal with professional life and manage education all at once, as this online exam help becomes their only support. However, there are two types of assessments: internal and external.     

Internal Assessment:

The whole motive behind the internal assessment is to allocate and fulfil the university’s credit hours and ensure that the students perform well in the assessments. It helps the institute to evaluate the performance, understanding and learning of the individuals of a specific course and to grade the overall academic performance.

The teachers or instructors set the assessment, and the judges include the professors and school heads. It does not require any evaluation from the external education body. The assessment involves a specific course work based on the curriculum taught and students’ understanding of whatever they have learnt. It is an approach to grade students accordingly to their knowledge, and for evaluation, there is a specific weightage to clear a certain course. Also, the internal assessment prepares for the external assessment, which is why institutes are consistent that students perform well in such assessments so that they can opt for the external assessments and score well. 


The advantage of this type of assessment is that the exam set by the institute comes back to the instructor through which they can have feedback on their teaching style and improve their teaching methodology by evaluating the students’ papers. It is also beneficial for the students as they get to know their academic standing and can evaluate their way of thinking and learning, making better judgments for themselves s. It helps the students and teachers to be more considerate of their learning and education style and to make academic discourse easy for all. It also makes students learn throughout the year because of the phenomenon of internal assessment. 


The offset of the internal assessment is that the instructors who are not professional can do injustice while evaluating the paper due to lack of knowledge, which can result in lower grades, or sometimes instructors get biased, which again leads to the evaluation of exams inappropriately.

External Assessment:

The external assessment is prepared and set by the external invigilators or examination bodies. They are the ones to evaluate the performance of the individuals based on their knowledge and how they attempt the paper. The examination body sets it following the relative degree program or diploma or certificate a student has enrolled.

The weightage to qualifying the paper that an external body or board has decided on varies from grade to grade. A certain grade is required to qualify for the examination to receive the certificate or degree. Unlike internal assessment, it prepares the individual for the external assessment but does not provide them with the certification as the external administration authorizes it.  


The advantage of such assessment is that the individual is ultimately evaluated based on their knowledge and preparation of the due course, and to get higher grades, the students must adapt great learning and knowledge of the course and the degree or certificate they have opted for as it is necessary to perform remarkably in it. However, with the online solutions, it has become easy for the student to avail of different academic help services to make their life easy. It is only applicable with online standards of education being adopted by the universities. 


The disadvantage of the external assessment is that the criteria that are set are below par, and it does not motivate students to learn in a more determinant way because they know that if they get the passing percentile, the students will be eligible to qualify the certificate or the degree they have applied f r. Another drawback of the external assessment is that the students tend to cheat and use unfair means in examination that is to eliminate them from the examination. Such candidates will face the consequences of the degree or certificate program detention. 

Many students register themselves from different parts of the world for online degree, diploma, and certificate programs in universities around the globe. Still, the assessment system is on par, and one has to work hard to manage their professional life while maintaining the academic disciplines. However, with the hope of better opportunities and career paths, people have become keener to approaching means that help maintain their motives and to reach their goals.

Online exam help and related services have made life easier, but it has also portrayed people in defining the languages they are linked to. Online education has made life easier for the people trying to manage their lives and achieve goals they have dreamt of. Simultaneously the assessment discourse needs to be remodelled because changes are required to make the assessment easy for each individual while keeping the learning methodology top tier. Online education is not the same for everyone; therefore, institutes should not compromise the quality of education. Equally, student performance should be evaluated so that a fair education system can be made possible. 

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