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Section The following companies provide programs for students majoring in
computer science and other minors.
Finding internships for newcomers in the field of computer science can be
challenging. If you’re a computer science student and are looking for an internship,
it can provide the chance to learn about the challenges of having to work in this field
as well as the opportunity to knowledge.
The following companies offer internships to students in the freshman year of
computer science majors as well as minors.


Facebook is a business which doesn’t require to be introduced. In 2004, the
company was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, it has developed from a basic
social network site to become the second largest publicly traded business
worldwide. The company has grown quickly in recent years and has become the
third-most important company in the world, second only to Apple in the top two
spots. Google.
The Facebook internship program spans many areas of the business, including, but
not least, its engineering teams working on software. These are paid internships
that pay between $6,000 to $7,000 per month. That means that as an intern, you
are likely to earn more than full-time employees of other companies.
Job description of Software Engineering Interns at Facebook says that they will
create new services and products while working with a group of intelligent people
who are passionate about the work they do. While working for Facebook, you’ll have
the opportunity to meet other interns from all over the globe through the
international internship program known as ignite. You’ll also be able to participate in
social activities with fellow interns, get up-to-date on the latest technological
trends, and also work on one major project during the duration of your stay at
Facebook to be able to present it at the end of your time there.
Internships don’t have to be reserved for high school students. The process of
applying to internships while freshmen can be the best opportunity to get your start
and stand out among the other applicants.
When you are a new student, it is easy to believe that there aren’t many
opportunities available to you, however, this isn’t the case! There are numerous
companies which are willing to hire students, including Google being just one.
Google provides internships in a variety of different departments, ranging in scope
from Software Engineering to Corporate Engineering & Facilities. To gain an
understanding of the many types of internships by Google look over some of the
current job openings posted on their site.
If you are a fresher looking for an internship with Google (or any other company) It
is crucial to showcase your strengths and highlight what is unique about you in
comparison to other applicants. If you’re not an experienced candidate but you are
still eligible! Include class work and personal interests on your resume will enable
companies to know more about your interests and how that relates to their job

The following internships are provided by Google:
Engineering software
Hardware engineering
Test engineering
Experience and Design
Management of technical programs


Apple is among the most important job-creators of the United States, responsible
for more than 2 million jobs in every state. Last year, we spent more than $50
a billion and had more than, 9000 U.S. suppliers and manufacturers. We’ll keep
investing in our nation and are convinced of the potential of American creativity.
Our goal has never been to make some people wealthy. It’s about improving the
quality of life for all. Apple wants to leave this world better than when we came into
it, and make sure that there is no doubt that Apple was there.
Our interns are involved in initiatives that are significant to that matter, from the
creation of Apple products to working on environmental projects and social justice
programs, and even creating completely new innovations that affect how people live
and work around the world.
Apple offers internship opportunities in many subjects like design,
engineering as well as finance and business analytics to mention some. You’ll be
accountable for your own projects, working alongside teams who be relying on you
to deliver success, so, you’ll require the ability and drive to be successful.


It is, the Microsoft Internship is an opportunity to explore the passion you have for,
improve your skills in the real world and earn a little money throughout the
process. The program is for 8 to 12 weeks. It will test your technical capabilities,
increase your professional circle and provide you with the chance to participate in
projects that directly influence on the products that millions of users are using
every day.
If you’re looking to work across many fields with the most knowledgeable
individuals in the field, get your application in now! As an intern at Microsoft, intern,
you’ll be given the opportunity to:
Participate in complex projects that affect the way millions of people make use of
Learn from top engineers who are committed to coaching and assisting students
Meet other interns with similar passions and career goals.
Explore our campus in all its glory and participate in the many activities and events
organized by our interns.


Dell offers a broad range of internship options for students who are interested to
study computer science. From software engineering through testing Engineering, the
Dell internships give you numerous opportunities to get to know about the field and
gain knowledge.
The responsibilities of the internship will differ based on the group and the position
and the role, however, interns should expect to participate in projects with a
significant business impact. Interns might be asked to be involved in design, testing
software, or analyses projects. They will also have the chance to work with the top
executives at Dell. In the course of this programme, you’ll be mentored throughout
your career and will have the opportunity to connect with other students.
Dell typically takes interns of any background and level of education (including
advanced degrees) However, applicants should possess strong programming
abilities as well as experience in C, C++ or Java. The company is also seeking
those who are driven and are able to work on their own and as part of the team.
There are millions of companies offering internships, In this article I’ve picked the
best international companies.
Internships are an excellent opportunity to get experience, check your career
choices and make money while in the classroom.


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