Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
Johnny Tabaie

While growing up, Johnny Tabaie lost his mother to a fracture drug. Later, his brother took his own life while undergoing addiction therapy. This led to Johnny Tabaie’s life spiraling into 20 years of drug dependency. The man had to endure years of treatment programs to break free of his drug addiction. He was finally able to overcome his addiction and live a productive, drug-free life. Now, Johnny has helped thousands of others overcome their addiction.

Johnny the Healer

If you’re looking for a holistic doctor, you’ve probably heard of Johnny Tabaie. This 40-something owner of the Holistic Sanctuary has been in the healing field for over 10 years, pioneering a new paradigm in the medical field. He claims to cure virtually any ailment, from PTSD to infections, to drug addiction and eating disorders. Then there’s his claim that he can even cure boredom.

Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method was developed by Johnny Tabaie, the founder and director of Holistic Sanctuary Medication Rehab Therapy Center. It is a highly effective treatment for addiction and is equally effective in the treatment of anxiety and PTSD. The method is based on natural elements, such as plants, and is performed at a five-star seafront resort. In addition to the Pouyan Method, Holistic Sanctuary also offers other treatments, such as ayahuasca therapy and ibogaine treatment. While the latter is not currently allowed in the US, the method can be performed by a licensed health care provider.


The use of the addiction drug Ibogaine is a popular way to treat chronic pain and insomnia. Its popularity has grown in recent years due to a new treatment that has been proven to relieve pain and anxiety in many people. Its creator, Johnny Tabaie, has helped many people overcome addiction and other health conditions. He founded Holistic Sanctuary 10 years ago, a clinic that has pioneered an entirely new paradigm in healing.

Holistic detox therapies

In the United States, many people look for luxury rehabs in California. They learn about the limitations of the drug addiction treatment available in the US and the benefits of alternative treatments like Ibogaine. Then, they decide to go across the border to Mexico, where the Holistic Sanctuary is located. Here, Johnny Tabaie will help you detoxify your body naturally using plant-based, non-GMO ingredients.

Addiction recovery

If you want a successful and long-lasting addiction recovery program, you should consider using the techniques used by Johnny Tabaie. His story is one of triumph and overcoming adversity. He battled the effects of addiction for 20 years and even suffered ptsd. To make matters worse, his brother took his own life while receiving addiction therapy. This led to a spiraling life of addiction and recovery, including years of treatment.

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