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gass station lights

LED gas station canopy lights offer best-in-class solid-state technology with retail petroleum lighting design. Their low profile helps create maximum canopy clearance and facilitates the effective heat dissipation. They are designed for new construction installations with standard 4-inch holes, and they can also be retrofitted to fit openings ranging from four to 6.5 inches. UL-rated, these fixtures are durable and resistant to repeated vibration.


Designed to meet the lighting needs of gas stations, convenience stores, and other similar facilities, uSaveLED LED gas station canopy lights can significantly lower the energy costs of your facility while extending the lifespan of your lights. Traditional gas station canopy lights often require extensive labor to change bulbs, and failing to replace burnt-out bulbs can be a safety hazard. Furthermore, failing to replace a burnt-out bulb can expose your business to costly liability.


LED gas station canopy lights are ideal for commercial, professional, and outdoor applications. They are extremely efficient and long-lasting and come with a five-year warranty. They also boast 120 lumens per watt and a recessed kit for easy installation in garage ceilings. Whether you are looking for a high-efficiency, long-lasting light, or something in between, CREE has a solution for you.


LED Gas Station Canopy Lights have many benefits, not only do they provide energy savings, but they change the appearance of a Gas Station as well. These lights are made with ETL-certified, energy-efficient Philips LED Chips and Meanwell drivers. They feature a super-slim construction and are available in a variety of configurations. This product is ideal for gas stations and other outdoor locations. It is also environmentally friendly and shock-resistant.

Polycarbonate lens

Gas station canopy lights feature a prismatic lens to ensure even light distribution. They are ideal for building exteriors because of their low profile. They can replace one to four traditional metal halide canopy lights. Commercial-grade outdoor LED canopy lights feature a shatterproof polycarbonate lens and durable die-cast aluminum housing. The light fixtures are also vandal-resistant. They can operate on 120-277 volt service and are listed for efficiency and quality.

Cree chip

LED Gas Station Canopy lights are a great investment for Gas Station owners. These lights not only provide great lighting but also help the business save money on overall running costs. Philips LED Chips are used in these lights, powered by world-class Meanwell drivers. They are also ETL and DLC certified. And they last for several years! What’s more, these lights are eco-friendly and do not leak mercury. And because of their slim design, they reduce glare and provide soft diffused lighting.

Multi-volt driver

The SCOTTSDALE VERTEX canopy light is the most feature-packed model in the Gas Station series. The housing is fabricated of durable, matt white polyester powder coating that is resistant to both weather and corrosion. A silicone gasket seals the optical assembly, which is DLC-certified and IP65-rated. The standard Multi-volt driver (120-277V) is DLC-compliant and features a 0-10V dimming capability and a nominal temperature range of -30 to 45 degrees Celsius.

5-year warranty

LED lighting fixtures are an energy-efficient replacement for metal halide under canopy fixtures. These fixtures have a 5-year warranty and are UL and DLC certified. They have a long lifespan and can last for over 50,000 hours. The LED fixtures also have a lower initial investment, lower energy costs, and less maintenance. The benefits of LED lighting for gas stations are plentiful. You can install them in your gas station canopy to provide the right amount of illumination while saving energy and money.


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