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Ms. Rachel is a popular American YouTube sensation. Also, Ms. Rachel real name is Rachel Griffin Accurso. In addition, she is a social media celebrity, well-known for her lifestyle vlogs and beauty posts.

In this comprehensive article, we will study Ms. Rachel’s net worth, bio, husband, and social media presence. Unfortunately, Ms. Rachel does not give information about her native city or state; however, key points about her biography are as follows:

  • She grew up in the US, where she was born.
  • Although Ms. Rachel does not say where she was at the time, she launched her YouTube channel when she was 16 years old.
  • As an adult, she resides in Los Angeles, California, at the moment. Moreover, she films and takes several Instagram pictures and videos in Los Angeles.
  • Therefore, it can be determined that Ms. Rachel has resided in California as a young adult for numerous years. However, the location of her native city or state before her relocation to Los Angeles has not been made public.
  • Consequently, her online identity and content mainly focus on her life in LA. However, the origin of her birth and progress in the United States remains a secret.

Who is Ms. Rachel?

Ms. Rachel, also known as Rachel Cook, is an American content creator. Also, her YouTube channel was launched in 2011, and she has since collected over two and a half million subscribers. In addition, Ms. Rachel YouTube Net Worth is estimated to be around $3 million. Moreover, Ms. Rachel posts lifestyle, fashion, and beauty videos on her channel on a daily basis. Therefore, she provides her viewers with an insight into her daily life.

Where does Miss Rachel live?

As mentioned before, Ms. Rachel lives in LA nowadays. Additionally, there are a lot of her videos and pictures that are shot at her home or in LA hotspots. Therefore, living in LA is providing Ms. Rachel with the opportunity to work with a lot of famous brands. Also, she is working with other local influencers.

Miss Rachel’s Net Worth 

Ms. Rachel has accomplished a significant amount of wealth through her successful career as a YouTube and social media influencer. Rachel Griffin Accurso net worth is around 3 million dollars. Also, there is no public information available about the net worth of Ms Rachel before YouTube channel. 

Furthermore, she began creating content online over 10 years ago at 16. Currently, the Los Angeles resident has created a powerful platform and brand at the age of 26. Moreover, she has gathered over two and a half million YouTube subscribers and 3 million Instagram followers. Also, Ms. Rachel produces income through the following:

  • Publicity,
  • Sponsored content,
  • Brand collaborations, and
  • Other business activities.

According to numerous sources, Miss Rachel net worth 2023 is projected to be approximately three million dollars. Therefore, as a social media influencer, her success is evidence of the power of hard work and determination online.

Is Miss Rachel married?

In 2022, Ms. Rachel tied the knot with her long-time companion, Bryan Hearne, a model and an actor. Furthermore, the couple often share pictures of themselves on social media platforms. Therefore, they provide fans with a vision of their marital life.

Moreover, Ms. Rachel chooses to keep her relationship under wraps. However, she shares snippets of her dates rarely with Bryan Hearne on her vlogs.

Ms Rachel YouTube Husband

There is no public record of Ms. Rachel marrying or having a spouse. The key points regarding the marital life of Ms. Rachel are as follows:

  • In none of the videos she uploads to YouTube, Instagram posts, or other social media channels does Ms. Rachel mention a husband or partner.
  • She addresses herself as “Ms.” Rachel and does not utilize a married name such as Mrs.
  • In videos about her private life, she only speaks about her life. Also, she has yet to mention her partner or companion.
  • Her marital status is always “single” in her profiles and papers.
  • She only posts photos of herself, relatives, and close associates on social media. Moreover, there are no photographs of me with a romantic partner.
  • Lastly, she confirmed that she is single when she was asked directly about her relationship status by fans.
  • However, in a 2019 YouTube Q&A video, she confirms that she is single in response to direct questions from fans regarding her romantic status.

Therefore, Ms. Rachel is not married or has a partner right now. In addition, this decision was made according to all the information that we have collected from:

  • Her social media accounts and
  • Public statements.

She always presents herself as a single woman who has focused on her YouTube and social media career. Furthermore, she will announce it on her channels whenever she changes her mind about marriage.


Q 1: How many YouTube subscribers does Ms. Rachel have?

Ms. Rachel’s YouTube channel has over 2.5 million followers as of 2023.

Q 2: What kinds of things does Ms. Rachel publish online?

Ms. Rachel is well-known for her Q&As, operating procedures, difficulties, fashion and beauty videos, and lifestyle vlogs.

Q 3: Where does Ms. Rachel receive her income as an influencer?

Ms. Rachel’s primary revenue streams include her swimsuit line, paid Instagram promotional offers, brand sponsorship deals, testimonials, and YouTube ad revenue.

Q 4: Who is Ms. Rachel YouTube Husband?

In 2022, Ms. Rachel tied the knot with her lifelong partner, Bryan Hearne. Although they rarely talk about their relationship online, the couple generally keeps it quiet.

Q 5: What is Ms. Rachel Real Name?

Rachel Cook is Ms. Rachel’s full name. She goes by her first name and “Ms. Rachel” professionally.

Q 6: How much is Miss Rachel Worth?

Rachel Griffin Accurso net worth is around 3 million dollars.

Final Words

To sum it all up, Ms. Rachel has been making money as a YouTube and social media star since she was a teenager. In addition, Rachel Griffin Accurso age is now 26 years old, and she lives in Los Angeles. She has also got over two and a half million YouTube followers and three million followers on Instagram.

Moreover, she and her husband, Bryan, are appraised to have a net worth of around three million dollars. Also, she is still going strong as an online influencer and lifestyle vlogger. Lastly, her beauty and fashion videos give her fans an inside look into her everyday life.


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