New Ways to Optimize Your Business Facebook Page

Currently social networks are becoming part of the best techniques with which you can support your website to position and spread your brand, so they have developed new digital marketing with Corporate Video Production Companies In Dubai alternatives to help companies like yours to be successful within the world of the web.
In 2015 Facebook, the largest social network in the world, is bringing new tools to its platform dedicated to companies. Here are some of the new features that are already available and others that are expected soon:

Orientation by Interest:

Does your company offer a variety of products and services that target different audiences? If so, you may want to use the new Interest Targeting tool that Facebook recently released. With this tool you can reach specific followers by identifying their likes using categories such as the demographics, locations, and interests of your organic posts. Before, it was only available with paid ads, but now you have the ability to create messages on your wall that will only be seen by specific people. In this way your audience that is not focused on that specific product or service will not have to see it, preventing users from giving your page unlike.

End dates:

Does your company have a large number of synchronized events? Isn’t it even more frustrating when your fans see an event that happened yesterday in your news area? With the new end dates feature, page administrators can specify the dates and times that messages should expire. This can help avoid disturbing your audience with outdated information.

Action buttons:

Social media seeks user participation and brand awareness building. Now they are going to take that commitment a step further with call-to-action buttons. This new feature will provide your business page with a button capable of being linked to any destination on or off Facebook. Some examples that could be used include “Reserve”, “Buy Now” and “Sign Up” buttons.

Video tool:

Now companies will be able to choose a featured video that will be shown extra-large, very similar to the design of a YouTube channel. This new video tool allows companies to organize playlists, so fans can easily browse and see what they want when they want.

Companies on Messenger:

Instant messaging on Facebook makes it even easier for people to connect with their friends, and soon there will be the ability to connect businesses with their customers. In the near future Facebook Messenger will allow companies to send messages such as order confirmations and shipping information notices to customers who choose to participate, just as customers will also be able to reach companies with questions and receive quick responses.

Analytics for Android:

For the first time, Facebook will provide native mobile app analytics. This will help developers and vendors understand their app’s audience across devices, and will also help companies measure how the app is being used. Are people just viewing your business from the app or are they making a purchase?

New International Targeting ad:

Many people use Facebook as a way to connect and share memories with their loved ones living abroad. Facebook is now opening these opportunities for companies in the market to have contact with these people who live in a country other than their birth country, but are not citizens. This guidance can be very beneficial to the airline industry and tourism.

Product announcements:

This new feature will allow companies to show more products to more people who are interested in them. A company can upload its product catalog and create campaigns targeting specific products and a specific audience.
It doesn’t matter if you have little time to manage your ads, Facebook can automatically serve your ads to the most relevant people. In addition, product announcements will be able to use features such as automatically unpublished announcements for products that are already out of stock.

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