Sun. May 28th, 2023

Experts on social media

A lot of credibility right the guy that comes on during all the the sports events that i’m watching there’s a reason why you call them ambulance chasers oh boy here we go again i’m just telling you credibility it’s not just in the ability of the job it’s do i trust you to have faith that you are who you say you are so how do you gain credibility how do you build it how do you get it how do you grow it that’s what we’re going to walk into first start learning from the street start learning from the street i’m so over all of the academic experts all of these self-proclaimed experts on social media they got an opinion and they got a pithy way of saying it by the way i said pithy p-i-t-h-y but it occurs to me they also have a pissy way of saying it see in in our world of social media anybody can puff themselves up and be pithy and pissy there you go you didn’t see that coming alex that’s new content but here’s what’s happening we talked down people talk down oh i know this and i know this and i believe this and here’s why i’m making this point have they actually done it or they just writing about it i’m not going to mention any names but i could think of two or three people right now that have a very large following on social media and they comment all the time on leadership.

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and they’ve never led never let well can they’ve studied about leaders sure great fantastic I’m glad they studied I think there’s value and knowledge and value and observation but that doesn’t in any way ever trump actual application and doing the work of leading I really don’t give a crap what a leadership expert says until I know that they’ve actually led so learn from the street here’s something you can write down street smarts beat book smarts every day of the week or twice on Sunday is my uncle used to say street smarts beat book smarts you know why the person who has book smarts has learned about something has read about something maybe they’ve even observed it but they’ve never had to do it could you imagine. Checkout: coursework writing services

if your parents taught you how to ride a bike Nathan and they had actually never ridden a bike a totally different experience but my dad taught me how to ride a bike but you know what my dad learned how to ride a bike I want somebody to teach me how to ride a bike who actually knows how to ride a bike number two you want to build you want to get and build credibility do what you’re going to do what you say you’re going to do reliability it’s one of the five qualities I write about in my best-selling book from paycheck to purpose one of those five qualities that will guarantee you promotions here it is again I’m reliable people can rely on my watch what’s happening again they trust me and they have faith in me back to our initial breakdown of the word credibility.

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