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When you have a human body, it is sure to fall ill sometimes or other. Well, there is nothing to panic about falling sick. It is a part and parcel of our daily lives. Whenever you fall ill, your go-to person is a doctor. Suppose, you are suffering from chest pain for a couple of days. When you notice that this chest pain has exceeded a week, you decide on visiting a doctor’s chamber. For chest pain, generally, you prefer going to a cardiologist. Similarly, each type of illness has different doctors to treat it.

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The problem arises when you have too many options at hand. It is said that too many cooks spoil the broth. Likewise, you do not need too many doctors to treat one disease. Indeed, there are several doctors available in and around you. So, when you need a doctor it becomes a challenging task for you to pick one and discard the rest.

There are people for whom it is a difficult task to travel to the doctor’s chamber. This problem arises for people who are elderly or who have difficulty walking. If you have older adults staying with you, the best that you can do is to go for a private doctor’s appointment in London. Since many of you do not know the right way to choose a doctor, we have come up with a blog discussing the same. Before choosing a doctor there are some questions that you need to ask to ensure that you get the best private doctor in London.

Questions to ask a doctor

When you are determined to book an appointment with a doctor from the private GP London clinic, usually want to get the best Healthcare provider. Some questions can help you get treated by the best private doctor. We have listed some of the essential questions that you need to ask a doctor before booking an appointment with him.

About the Doctor

After you have checked the list of doctors operating at a particular private clinic, you will surely select one doctor of your choice. Now, it is your responsibility to check if the doctor is worthy of treating you. To check whether you should invest in this particular doctor, you need to ask some questions. All of these questions will prove the credibility and reliability of the doctor. Given below are the questions that you should ask a doctor before booking an appointment with him.

  • Is the doctor board certified?
  • What is the previous experience of the doctor?
  • How long is the doctor connected with this clinic?
  • How long was the doctor a primary care physician?
  • Where did the doctor get his medical degree from?
  • How long has the doctor been practicing as a physician?

Questions on general facility

Once you get an understanding of the general facilities given by the doctor, it will help you to narrow down your search. Knowing the facilities that the doctor promotes has its own set of advantages. Not only will it help you to know about the doctor thoroughly, but also help you to make the right decision. Here are the questions that you need to ask about the general facilities provided by the doctor.

  • Is the doctor accepting new patients?
  • Does the doctor allow the assistance of a friend or a family member along with the patient?
  • What are the working hours of the doctor throughout the week?
  • Does the doctor practice as an individual or in a group?
  • How many patients does the doctor see in a day?
  • Who takes care of the patients when the doctor is out of the station?
  • Does the doctor maintain medical records of the patients either in paper or electronic format?
  • Does the doctor provide the facility of workers or wheelchairs to the patients when needed?
  • Does the doctor speak my native language?

Payment and Insurance

Several people have a habit of covering their medical expenses through insurance. These days people are also interested to use a lot of cards and UPS instead of cash. As a patient, it is your responsibility to learn about the payment and financing processes that it the medical practitioner allows. Here are the questions that you need to ask regarding the payment of a doctor. 

  • Can the medical cost be covered by insurance?
  • Can I get a price estimate for the entire treatment?
  • Do you accept Medicare?
  • Do you accept online payment modes?
  • What is your billing cycle?
  • Does the doctor provide payment plans devoid of additional fees?
  • Does the doctor belong to the category of my insurance network?

Location and parking

When you are taking a patient to a doctor’s clinic, in most cases you prefer to go by your vehicle. If you are taking your vehicle, it is imperative that you would want to park it in a secured area. Regarding location and parking, these are the questions that you need to ask.

  • How far is the doctor’s chamber from my house?
  • Does the chamber offer free onsite parking?
  • Does the chamber offer transportation services to patients?
  • Can I reach the doctor’s clinic via public transport?
  • Can I visit the other chambers of the doctor?

Appointments and scheduling

When you are determined to visit a doctor’s chamber, you surely want to know about the availability of the doctor. Everybody wants to get the most attention from the doctor to get cured. Here are some of the questions that you can ask your doctor at a private GP London clinic regarding appointments and scheduling.

  • Do you take appointments through telehealth?
  • How long do I need to wait in the chamber?
  • What is the late arrival or no-show policy?
  • How much time do I need to spend with you at an appointment?
  • How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?
  • Do you offer in-home when do I need to cancel an appointment to avoid any penalty?


Now that you have got an idea about the questions that you need to ask before booking an appointment in a doctor’s chamber, you will surely get the best treatment. Make sure to clarify all your doubts before booking the best private doctor appointment in London.

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