Reviews Of The Best Health Insurance For Dogs And Cats

Most pet insurance covers dogs and cats. However, some companies only offer dog insurance. There are many options to choose from. However, it’s important to pay attention not only to what it covers, but also what it doesn’t cover.

Embrace Pet Insurance Review

The Best Pet Insurance With Wellness Protection

  • Covered animals: dogs and cats
  • Complaint processing time: usually within 15 business days
  • Benefit limits: 70% – 80% or 90% of the annual cost
  • Deductible:
  • Monthly premium: starting from for cats and dogs

Bivvy, a relatively new company, offers an alternative to pet insurance.

There’s no long list of options available, no plan decisions – the company offers a single option that’s fine if you have a relatively healthy pet.

We found many testimonials and reviews on Bivvy pet insurance that showed customers were happy with the coverage and simplicity.

Keep in mind, however, that it only covers a small amount of people and has a limit on the number of people it can cover each year.

There is an annual maximum of coverage and a maximum of lifetime coverage, with a deductible. Regardless of your pet’s age, breed or size, you will only pay monthly.

The one-plan-fits all policy is easy to understand and use. They also offer a wellness program.

The bivvy insurance reviews we found from customers liked the long list of what’s covered. If your pet gets sick frequently or experiences a serious emergency, the insurance won’t cover it for a year. You will have to pay the rest out of your own pocket.


  • One-size-fits-all plan
  • Dogs and cats as young as four weeks old
  • There is no limit to coverage
  • Fast processing up to 48 hours


  • Only one refund option
  • The level of benefit is limited to one year only

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The best insurance for exotic animals and birds

Although exotic pet insurance can be difficult to find, there are many options. These are the first two options that we believe offer the best protection for exotic pets.

Pet Assure Review

The Best Pet Insurance For Pre-Existing Conditions

  • Animals covered: Small pets, birds, amphibians and fish.
  • Complaint processing time: 2448 hours
  • All procedures are eligible for a 25% discount
  • Deductible: none
  • Monthly premium: starting with a small pet


  • One of the most expensive insurance companies
  • There are no wellness plans available in all states. So be sure to check.
  • Poor customer service and slow refunds

Methodology For Choosing The Best Pet Insurance

We want to be clear that every company is hand-picked impartially by conducting in-depth analysis and gathering feedback from consumers.

All of our research is done for the benefit and convenience of our readers. We have done our best to provide you with as much information as possible in both our pet insurance comparison chart and our reviews above.

When evaluating insurance options, it is important to take all aspects into consideration.

We have focused on a multitude of factors, such as annual and duration caps, monthly and annual premiums, deductibles, exclusions such as age limits or pre-existing conditions and, of course, coverage waiting periods.

This is because when it comes to our pets, the best pet insurance makes a huge difference, sometimes even between life and death.

Before continuing, it is essential that you understand the basics of insurance. When it comes to pets, it’s not that different from it is for humans. A quick review will help you find the best choice.

Annual or monthly premiums

Understanding your premiums plays a vital role in choosing the best pet insurance that fits your needs. A premium is a monthly or annual payment to insure your pet. The higher the premium usually means the lower the deductible, resulting in duration or annual maximums.

Additionally, a higher premium plan may also offer additional coverage for lab work, medications, and other veterinary care requirements.

Remember that even if your monthly expenses are lower, you may end up spending more in the long run on veterinary care. This is because lower premiums are generally associated with higher deductibles and lower maximum benefits.

We have covered pet insurance quotes that offer different levels of coverage, deductibles and maximum benefits. This gives you the flexibility to choose from a range of options that fit your budget and provide good coverage.


An insurance policy with a lower deductible means that you will pay less before your insurance covers any veterinary expenses.

Most of the companies we have presented allow you to choose your deductible. This allows you to decide how much you want to pay upfront when you visit your vet.

Some pet insurance policies have pre-set deductibles for specific conditions, instead of annual deductibles. This is ideal for pets that haven’t had many health conditions or diseases.

However, it’s hard to know what the future holds, so these plans usually have less predictable costs than other plans that have higher annual deductibles.

Limits Of Benefits

Most insurance companies and plans have limits on maximum benefits. Either they are limited to the year or they have a life limit.

The best pet health insurance plans would have higher lifetime or maximum annual benefits. They guarantee that your pet will be covered even if he has a serious condition that requires extensive treatment.

There are also plans with no maximum limits. This ensures coverage for eligible services, regardless of the amount of refund claims.