Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

This digital age has transformed traditional ways of doing things unexpectedly. From setting up shops inside a mall, people now prefer to set up online stores through any digital platform. 

But in this fast-paced world, everything has too many options, which might confuse an inspiring entrepreneur. Shopify and Magento are two different e-commerce platforms that let their users develop their stores and sell things online. 

Here in this article, we will be briefing you all about the two platforms and which will suit your store the best. 

What is Shopify? 

With over 800,000 shops in 175 countries, Shopify is the world’s third-largest e-commerce platform. Three Canadians created it in 2004. Shopify is used by companies such as the BBC, Heinz, The New York Times, Rebecca Minkoff, and Herschel. They provide hosting, and you do not need to administer the shop. It is ideal for entrepreneurs who are just starting with their e-commerce businesses because it is more user-friendly. There are several fascinating and wonderful themes to pick from (some of which are slightly customizable). It also offers a wide range of checkout and payment options. munmun dhamecha

What is Magento?

Magento, which was founded in 2015, is a partially open-source e-commerce platform. Nike, Olympus, Harvey Nichols, Herm├Ęs, and Liverpool FC are among the well-known brands that have been utilizing its services. Magento demands you to provide your hosting which is mostly provided by the best Magento hosting providers, deploy, arrange, and configure everything that takes a moderate to a good extent of programming skills so that you can begin creating your shop. This makes it a good choice for senior programmers. On the alternative, it is freely available to use and provides access to a plethora of excellent themes as well as unrestricted personalization. A variety of payment and checkout alternatives are also available on it. The platform also offers two versions to choose from. 

Which platform is the best for your e-commerce business

Shopify is a simple platform for creating online shops. Users pay monthly, and it could help both new and established enterprises. Merchants can sell their stuff on many forums through Shopify like Facebook, eBay, Instagram, and Amazon. 

Magento is an online platform that is completely free to download and install on your desktop. But, you will need to invest in web hosting, encryption, and plugins. It’s a strong platform, but without functional requirements and coding, you’ll struggle to fulfill your e-commerce ambitions. It is better suited for professionals who have their software developers.

When we look at these platforms closely, we cannot say which one is the best in terms of everything. Both have their pros and cons, but what makes them better or best is the usage. It depends upon users. If you are a newbie in the e-commerce industry and owner of a small-scale business then you should go for Shopify, it’s paid but is more user-friendly. You can set up your shop in a matter of hours and start selling. But if you are a medium to large scale business owner and are skilled in programming or have a team of software developers, then you should opt for Magento. It is completely customizable with a vaster user community.

Final verdict

With everything about these platforms being addressed, we would say look for yourself which platform works the best for you. If you have programming capabilities then choose Magento as it is customizable in every way possible. You can build a store of your free will, but if you are a newbie then go for Shopify as it will offer you more user-friendly options.

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