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Skills To Look Before Hiring Medical Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual medical assistant requires understanding the role and the vast skills required. Virtual assistant businesses can do various tasks, entailing handling multiple customers and ensuring business owners are provided with accurate assistance for their needs. Whether you are searching for someone to assist your business with taking phone calls or providing customer service. Determining a virtual assistant’s top qualities and skills will ensure you hire the right person for your needs because it is the task that an experienced and efficient person can do. They are also responsible for your business’s progress when they carefully assist the clients. Then it is evident they recommend you to others and give positive reviews.

What Is The Role Of Virtual Medical Assistants?

A virtual assistant works from home, giving administration duties to a range of customers. Usually, they do similar responsibilities as a standard admin assistant. For example, some usual tasks may entail writing blog posts for the company website or undertaking data entry onto a database. Working as a virtual assistant can vary between temporary part-time and permanent full-time, depending on the jobs needed.

Top Skills Of Virtual Assistants

The following skills must be present in virtual medical assistants, and Portiva is a top-notch company that provides experienced assistants.

Great Skills of Communication

A virtual assistant will have exceptional communication skills irrespective of whether they have years of experience or not. Brilliant oral and written communication skills are essential as emails, reports, presentations, and phone calls are all the critical ways businesses compete with customers, clients, and employees. Determining how to write well is always going to be an amazing skill to have. 

Time Management

Being capable of managing time is a vital skill for a virtual assistant. They need to be well-organized and give importance to their workload to meet the deadlines.

Project Management 

Project management skills for virtual assistants may cover creating and employing particular strategies providing support on firm projects, writing emails and other marketing content for projects, or providing online support, such as web maintenance.

IT Skills

Virtual assistant duties are done through the computer, so representing expert IT skills is a great skill to have. In addition, being an expert in Microsoft programs is a definite benefit, specifically if you search for an assistant to generate PowerPoint presentations, reports, documents, or spreadsheets. 

Great Focus TO Detail

A virtual medical assistant must be capable of multitasking well, meaning they need great focus on details. In addition, a VA can often be managing more than one job at once, so they are required to manage high standards of quality throughout their work. Portiva also provides business transcription services. 

Great Decision Making

Virtual assistant will often need to think on their feet, so great decision-making capabilities are essential. For example, suppose the business owner is not around to answer questions or concerns. In that case, the virtual assistant may have to decide the correct outcome or think outside the box to find the appropriate solution. A virtual medical assistant may also have to observe fast if a problem arises, representing the aptitude to process information immediately.  

A Passion For Learning

Being a virtual assistant is never-ending learning the method so having a wish to create skills and new information is a top skill to have. In addition, every day provides the feasibility for a learning curve, so an assistant must be open to gaining review and searching for new ways of managing or streamlining their workload to help to attain company aims or KPIs.

Management of Social Media

Social media plays a main role in any company’s marketing strategy. If you are looking for a VA who knows how to utilize social media, then possessing outstanding social media management will be essential. It may entail learning how to use a range of social media platforms, developing social media content, and engaging with other users. Determining how to schedule content and cross-promote it is also a great skill to have. 


Being organized is a must for any virtual medical assistant. Remote working needs motivation, specifically if there are deadlines to meet. Being capable of managing a particular schedule may be critical for your business, relying on the hours you require an assistant to work.

Customer Service

If an assistant deals with customers or clients, they will need outstanding customer service expertise. It means they will require to remain calm in every condition, work well under pressure, be capable of communicating proficiently through phone or emails, and go out of their way to develop a welcoming experience. Excellent customer service to your customers or clients helps to enhance your reputation, so it is essential to appoint a VA who understands how clients are important for both customers and business.

The expertise of Cloud Based Apps

If you’re working on business documents and files in real-time, having a solid understanding of cloud-based apps like Google Docs and Dropbox is essential. Ask a potential candidate if they are familiar with these apps because being able to use and transfer information or data via them helps you work quickly and efficiently.

Data Entry

Since data entry is a frequent VA task, having rudimentary word processing abilities is crucial. A VA may be required to format documents, organize files, conduct research, carry out transcription tasks, or present data in a professional manner. Another great skill is the ability to type quickly, especially if you need a virtual assistant to help with data entry.

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