Successful By Drake Lyrics


Drake’s latest hit single, successful, has found success on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and with listeners who have listed to more than 30 million times on YouTube since the release in July. The song is already considered one of the drake’s best single, but what does it exactly mean? The lyrics are pretty straightforward, but some of them can be hard to understand and get the full meaning from just by listening or reading them once or twice through.

Drake has been doing music for quite some time now, and he has seen great success in his career. He was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada and start rapping at a young stage. During his early years of life, he did various things to get by such as producing songs for artist Li Wayne and The Game with that being said, let’s jump into Drake’s lyrics from successful to see what we can find! One thing that makes these lyrics from school they are: there aren’t too many rappers who talk about reading books anymore.

I read books/ I’m multilingual might seem like an odd, but with all due respect, it couldn’t be truer for Drake!

The Background

Dizzy Drake’s first single from his upcoming album nothing was the Same, started from the bottom, is just catchy as it was last week. I don’t know how many times I’ve been walking through NY and caught myself singing those three words, Drake, when he raps it on my headphones.

But then, each time that happens, I try to figure out what exactly is being said. Did you ever really think about what Drake means by started from the bottom? Well, we did…and here are our findings. I grew up with no father, I grew up little shaky …growing up (bottom of the totem pole). He also references growing up shaky. When someone becomes poor, they often will have mental issues related to money due to living in unstable conditions for long periods of time.

The Verses

Started from the bottom, now we’re here, Drake raps on his #1 single started from the bottom. This lyric is perhaps one of his most famous, in a song packed with boastful claims and more bravado than a 12- year-old girl writing inside her diary. In fact, when Drake dropped that line three years ago (Feb. 14), he was technically correct; he started at or near the bottom –seemingly. But what exactly does it mean to start at the bottom? And did Dizzy deserve to be considered at said place before making it big? Let’s examine how he got there; starting from childhood… before entering Canada as an international student with dreams of stardom, Aubrey Graham left school early to rape as Drake. He worked minimum wage jobs around Toronto while releasing mix tapes at a steady pace-if not only during breaks from working full time. After releasing his first major label mixtape So Far Gone in 2009 under young money Entertainment, Dizzy went all out for 2009-2010 on tour, planning album releases and taking pictures next to award despite having no major commercial success up until then.

The Song Summarized

Here are a few quotes that come to mind when I listen to Drake’s hit single Successful. These lyrics gems have helped many of us get through a rough day, or even break-up; but sometimes I can’t help wonder what exactly he means by these. To me, they seem like just mindless word thrown together-until I took a step back and really analyzed them more thoroughly. Here is what I found!

How The Song Relate To Drake’s Life

Drake is rapping from hi perspective, of a successful artist and businessman. Now that he’s reached success, how does he view his life and career? Looking at Drake’s lyrics on a single song can certainly provide us with some insight into how he looks at himself, his future, and even his relationship with others.


Drake’s Hotline Bling is officially certified gold by recording industry Association of America (ARIA). Yet that isn’t enough for Drake, who plans to release an official music video for his chart-topping hit single. It appears fans have been so eager to see it; they’ve started making their own versions. Here are some examples and my personals’ analysis. What does start from the bottom mean? On one level, it simply means he was poor before reaching fame. However, that’s not what Drake means in his line now we’re here. Because here represents a place of extreme wealth and status. Starting out at a low position is what motivates Drake to work so hard and achieves success. This line is similar to Jay-Z’s I am not a businessman/ I am a business, man. While both rappers are rich by most standards, their journey starts with humble beginnings-and they never forget where they came from.