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Getting massive social media followers can make you an influencer, and that can become a source of
online income for you.
Many people, including bloggers, marketers and influencers, have the urge to grow their social channels,
especially Instagram, it’s the biggest showbiz social media.
We talked to Tech pally business magazine editor few months ago, and here are some simple methods to
get more followers and build-up your Instagram social account without stress.

Tips to Increase Instagram followers

Optimize your Instagram Profile
Content optimization is not only limited to blogging and Youtubing, you should also optimize your
profile to target the right audience for your contents.
Let’s start at the very beginning: the name of your Instagram profile. Ideally, as a company, you should
choose your company name to make it easier for users to search.
If this is already taken, you should think of a memorable alternative that is easy to find.

Other important components of your Instagram profile:
Profile picture: Your company logo is an optimal profile picture for you as a company.
As an alternative, there is also a picture with which your company is associated.
Bio (biography): Summarizes the most significant information in your bio briefly and concisely.
This includes: Who you are as a company, what you do and what content the user can expect on your
If you have a website, you can also link to it in your bio. Information should be given to your users as much
as possible so that they can get a first impression of your account and your content, says business pally
Feed: Many users first look at the overall picture of your Instagram page, the feed.
For this reason, you should always make sure that your posts fit together and that it is nice to give the
overall picture. The style in combination with the colours that are present in your posts plays an
important role in this.
By using consistent colours in your posts, you can create a coherent feed that is guaranteed to engage

Coherent feeds have a good chance of gaining more followers on Instagram and thus achieving a greater
Tip : Always use the same editing tools or filters to create an even and consistent look.

Interact with Others

Interaction is the best signal your Instagram can give. As already mentioned, it is important for the
Instagram algorithm whether and how other users interact with your posts
You should also deal with your competition and their content in the same way, because if you deal with
other accounts that are thematically similar to your posts, you can also increase your Instagram reach
and gain new subscribers.
So give each other shoutout and share your community, because that’s how you reach more people,
Tech pally boss advised.

Improve your engagements

In order to be able to increase your Instagram reach in the long term, you should offer interactive
So get in touch with your subscribers by uploading surveys, polls or FAQs to your Instagram story.
In this way, you not only send positive user signals to Instagram, but also get to know your community
and their interests better at the same time.
The better you know about your followers, the more precisely you can plan future topics, according to
business physiologist, chaktty.
In the best case, your followers will also react to your stories and thus seek contact with you. This then
provides the best way to communicate with your subscribers.
Tip : Save your most important story posts in your story highlights.
In this way, you offer users the opportunity to view your stories even after the 24 hours have expired
and to find out more about the account and the contents, says business pally boss.

Use relevant & appropriate hashtags

Hashtags have not lost their importance, either. Instagram uses hashtags to assign specific topics to your
account and posts.
If your hashtags match your post, Instagram can better assign your posts to a category and thus draw
you’re out to users who might be interested in your content.

The probability of gaining new subscribers increases and your Instagram reach is increased.
If you refrain from using hashtags, you limit your growth.
Tip: If your account is just starting out, use hashtags with little competition. This increases your chances
of being played off in this niche topic.

Post regularly at the right times

In your Instagram statistics, you can see exactly when your subscribers are active on Instagram.
Make sure that you upload your posts shortly before the most active time.
This way you can use all the time and not post when your competition is uploading content.
A question that comes up again and again is how often to post. If you want to increase your Instagram
followers, you should be as active as possible.
So, you have a good chance of getting more followers on Instagram with three to five posts a week.
Here, however, quality counts over quantity.

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