Ways to keep your jewelry safe while traveling internationally

Jewellery doesn’t come cheap; they are probably the most expensive possession of you and so you should take safety measures for them. At home, you can be relaxed that your jewelry is safe, but what if you go out to travel abroad? It’s highly recommended to keep your jewelry in the volt before going out. However, many people cannot avoid wearing jewelry when they attend any wedding ceremony or some other party. Taking care of the jewelry while traveling is much more important. Here are a few tips on traveling with your expensive jewelry safely.

Buy insurance to protect your losses

Traveling with jewelry is quite risky but at the same time, you need them in some places too. If you don’t have your jewelry insured, don’t skip to get them insured before stepping out with them abroad. Getting your jewelry insured is the best option for you to protect your jewelry. For that, you need to know the insurance that covers the losses when you are traveling. However, you should know that most travel insurance plans do not cover claims of huge amounts, for that you need to take some other policies. If you are not aware of the policies then take an appointment with an insurance agent and learn more about the policies. 

Store the jewelry in the same place

This is the most important tip for keeping your jewelry safe. When you are not wearing your jewelry, keep them in one place in your bag for the entire trip. Take them out from that place, wear them, and put them back in the same place. If you know that the jewelry is in that particular place when you are not wearing it shall reduce the risk of misplacing it and will also prevent your stress of forgetting the place where you have kept them. 

Be smart while carrying jewelry around

When you are traveling to foreign countries with your solitaire engagement rings Hatton garden or any other jewelry, walking on the streets smartly and applying common sense is a good idea for you. You aren’t the royal princess and you don’t have bodyguards to protect you when you are on the roads so don’t wear jewelry whenever you are on the roads. Always carry your jewelry with you and wear them only after reaching your destination. If you wear jewelry on roads or at airports you will just end up attracting robbers to your jewelry. Another smart way of avoiding jewelry theft is putting your jewelry in your hand-held luggage bag and not in your handbag, as according to some airport guidelines your handbag may need a physical inspection. 

Never leave your jewelry in a hotel

When you are about to go for some sightseeing. Loose jewelry lying everywhere in your hotel room will only attract the eyes of some dishonest hotel staff. Before you check in to the hotel, don’t forget to ask about the facilities of their safe storage if you are carrying jewelry with you. Use this safe storage by depositing your valuables. while stepping out of the hotel. If the hotel where you have checked in does not have any secure storage, carry your jewelry with you in your handbag whenever you are out.

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Do not reveal

If you head towards any unknown area, then it’s recommended that you shouldn’t wear the jewelry and conceal your jewelry beforehand. Don’t let anyone know about the presence of the jewelry and avoid advertising your jewelry by sharing your photos on social media. Wear the jewelry only when you know you are in a familiar place with familiar people.  
Be it a light Diamond tennis bracelet or a heavy diamond necklace, traveling with jewelry is completely fine, but you need to be alert every moment while carrying them. 

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