Website Management Lessons

  • How to keep it secure
  • Content work
  • Onpage SEO factors
  • Offpage SEO factors
  • Designing work

Internet security is something many people find hard or complex but a good thing to know is that you must have a good password for example something like this “gvbhjdDsplv34cfdrsygahuip56” this looks complex or weird, so human could not guess it easy meaning a software or program would find this hard to hack overall in most cases so think about this idea make it weird or complex when possible to make finding out your password hard, so the lazy hackers will give up likely which then makes you sleep better at night or your staff have less work to do security-wise.

Install plugins like Wordfence if you use this CMS to make things better security wise since it can block IP from say France if they are getting target by people from these IPs or another country like the USA if it’s coming from there.

Make sure your software is update so it’s less likely to have being hacked or not working well to decrease the chance of cyber attack when possible such as 2 years out of date stuff is not good idea overall.

Make sure your article sounds good or interesting, so the reader will keep back again likely such as make it sound bit funny such as throw in joke can increase stay time on your website and make people share your posts on say social media such as on Twitter or other sites some time, improving your chance to make money online often.

Speed is very important so make sure all your images are compressed well to stop your site loading super slow when possible and also make your site theme is not poorly designed one since some of them load super slow so check your theme often to look for mistakes or speed issues when possible.

Is your Google codes on the site or Yandex ones if not, add it in, so your site sends the right data to these search engines when possible or other codes you may want like Yandex heat map is very good one to have installed on your website when possible.

Off page simply means the backlinks such as 

  1. Pbns
  2. Guest posts
  3. Forum links
  4. Directory links
  5. Image links
  6. Video links

These links should help your site to rank easier on most search engines which is what all online businesses should be aiming to get more sales or traffic per month when possible, so get good links such as ones from to allow rankings easier for your client site a like.

Design can be done in many ways, such as 

  • Speed
  • Images
  • Looks 
  • Design of the site such as themes or CSS or HTML

Speed is something which people will pay close attention, especially if you live in a place with slow internet like say India or Pakistan, so make sure your site can load well on say a slower internet than most have in the Western world overall.

Images you want ones which look pretty or interesting, so people share them or want to stay on your site  to look at them longer and if you attach an Affiliate link when someone clicks it can, you can pay money if they buy your products or services through the link some time as well.

People can prefer for example blue or green or another color, so when possible try and change your site to what your site visitors prefer to allow an increase of sales or stay time to allow you a better chance of having a popular website which can allow you to generate money sales for your online business or  your client sites alike through right color development process overall  such as some ladies prefer pink or blue colors.

Themes can allow site to change from say health, SEO, music or other things by simple installing your WordPress if you use this service for your job or online company when possible if you use HTML or something else then change it using the right code or script depending on how your website operates which can be done by any skilled Website developer most of the time.

CSS simple is about how to style your site such as make it have tables or other graphics or style going on such as make it look like a forum site, so it allows your site visitors to get information fast or share facts in your local community when possible is a good thing to have done by using this style of CSS file you fill in the details right then it should change how your website looks often.

CSS will normally be a file or files on HTMLS, the reason it’s different file to HTML pages normally it’s done in some cases to improve the speed or management side of website designing  overall.