What are The Best Cloakroom Toilet Options?

when planning a bathroom makeover, small bathrooms and cloakroom can be a real challenge. Since you only have a space for a sink and a cloakroom toilet, it is important to look for the options that can help you save as much as space possible. But what toilet options can a better option when space is limited? That’s what we are going to discuss in the blog. 

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Small Toilet Types That are Suitable for a Cloakroom

Toilets are available in various types and sizes. 

Wall Hung Toilets

So, the first priority for a cloakroom or a small bathroom is a wall hung toilet. Why? because these are ultimate space savers. There are two ways these offer space-saving. 

  • A Concealed Cistern.  The first thing that makes a floating-style toilet a better option for a cloakroom is its hidden cistern. The flush tank is designed to completely fit inside the wall. So, your plumber will break the wall to fit the tank first. Don’t worry these are not similar to the close coupled toilets. The wall mounted toilets cistern is especially designed in an almost flat shape. However, it is important that your bathroom wall is sturdy enough to fit this type of cistern. When you don’t have a cistern inside, the space that other toilets take will be reduced. That can be a great thing for some one with limited space in the bathrooms. 
  • Floating Style Toilet Bowl.  Another way that helps you to save the space with a cloakroom is a floating style pan. That means the pan fit in the wall with no connection or link to the floor space. When the toilet is above the floor surface, it remains empty or vacant from underneath. As a result, your bathroom feels less occupant than anything that sits directly on the floor. That makes them another way that can help you save space. That means despite being small your bathroom will look spacious.

But it is not always possible to install a wall hung toilets because 

  • It is expensive and may be out of your budget. Not only the complete wall mounted toilet is bit expensive, but its installation will cost significantly higher than other options. 
  • Sometimes, your bathroom fitter may not suggest you install these types of toilets because your bathroom wall is not sturdy enough to break. Or it may not bear the weight of the person who will be sitting on the bowl. 

So, you will need to look for another options. 

Back To Wall Toilets

Cloakroom Toilet

It is simple floor-standing toilet that also have a contained cistern. These come in two options the first one is where a pan fits with a WC unit. Which is a furniture unit concealing the flush tank inside it. So, technically you see a small box of furniture, but it is a part of the toilet. While the other option is pretty much similar to the wall hung toilets. You can fit the cistern inside the wall too. And the great thing is you don’t have to worry whether the wall will be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the person. Unlike a floating-style toilet where the weight of the person using the toilet is on the wall, the BTW toilet bowl sits on the floor. So, there will be no weight on the wall. So, how do these toilets save you space? 

By the btw toilets can help you space in a cloakroom due for the almost same reason as the wall-hung toilet. The cistern contains inside the wall and there are no space requirements for it inside. Another way is that you can choose a short projection toilet bowl to work with WC. It will also help you save a few inches on space. 

So, it is stylish, and minimalist and can be a good alternative to floating-style toilets. 

But if you are fond of a standard toilet then it is not uncommon to have them in your cloakrooms too. 

Close Coupled Toilets

A standard toilet that is a common style around the world, close coupled toilets are usually the top choice. These are easier to install, cost less, are hardwearing and suitable for every. But these are a space saver that can be a perfect fit for a cloakroom or small bathrooms. While it may take a little more space than its counterparts. But many of its advantages like cost and easy maintenance can make them an attractive option. However, if you really want them in the cloakroom then you must make sure that

  • The close coupled toilet that you are getting has a small size as you will find them in various options.
  • You may look for a short projection toilet that a particularly designed to take up less space despite exposed cistern. 

Final Thoughts

The top of our list in small bathroom toilets or cloakroom toilets is wall hung toilet. While other options like a back to wall toilet, and close coupled toilets can also be a suitable option provided you wisely pick the toilet bowls. 

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