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Looking for a doctor is really challenging if you are new to London! Moreover, every patient wants to see a doctor with whom they are comfortable speaking and can discuss about their concerns easily. Experience, certifications, and areas of specialization are something that also matters to most patients.

But it is communication that can strengthen the relationship between a doctor and a patient. It helps both parties to a great extent! The patients will respond to the treatment and the doctor can determine what suits the best to patients.

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If you have any uneasiness in your health and want to see a doctor then this blog is for you. It will guide you on how to choose a suitable doctor for regular consultations and check-ups. So, don’t miss reading it out. 

Your preference

First of all, you need to decide what matters to you the most! Gender of the doctor, qualifications, experience, areas of specialization, and others are some aspects you can set your preference. Accordingly, start finding out the doctor.

You may also want the doctor will speak your native language or it will belong to one of the reputed medical clinics or hospitals in the city. Preference will make you clear and concise about your requirements and you can start looking for a doctor accordingly.

Make a list of possible doctors

If you know what your preference is then you can make a list of possible doctors. Do it by taking referrals from relatives, friends, and colleagues. Also, add some names by yourself after searching online. In case, you fall under managed care plan- PPO (preferred provider organization) or HMO (health maintenance organization) then you need to pay an extra charge in order to see the doctor out of this network.

The managed care plan will definitely give you a background check of the doctor along with the credentials. After getting the names, you can narrow down the choices by finding out more about them. In some cases, doctors may not see new patients and then you have no option left without looking for another suitable one.   

Collect information online

If you have any name of the doctor in your mind, collect the necessary information about the doctor from dedicated medical websites. Certain websites are there where you can find the database of doctors along with the area they serve.

The motto of these websites is to provide you with a wealth of information regarding a doctor whom you are thinking about for consultation. Even you should check State or Local medical society website to ensure that there are no complaints against the doctor you will be going to choose.

Personal service

There are many clinics in the city where you can find ‘personal doctor policy’ and can consult with them no matter the times you visit the clinic. It helps in strengthening the relationship between doctor and patient and you will be more comfortable discussing your concerns. But it may keep you waiting longer sometimes and for urgent care, you need to see a different doctor.


Accessibility is something that you must consider when choosing any medical clinic to see the doctor. Make sure that you choose a doctor who is available at a nearby clinic. Otherwise, you have to commute via public transport. Even if you drive, you need to think of the area where you can park the car. Therefore, accessibility is very important when you choose a clinic to see a particular doctor.

Opening hours

It may differ from one doctor to another. Some doctors are available for early morning and late evening appointments. But will it work for you? If not, then you need a doctor who is available throughout the week including holidays and weekends. Even there is same-day doctor in London whom you can meet by making an emergency appointment or walk-in service.  

Online services

Digital utilization comes into full reinforcement after the COVID-19 breakout. Since then, every doctor starts offering online, video, or telephonic consultations to patients before face-to-face consultations. After reaping the benefits now most people don’t want to wait in queue for a long time to see a doctor.

Instead, they want quick access to treatment and care after consulting with the doctor. if you have the same demand then search online for doctors who are still available for telephonic, video, or online consultation. After receiving primary treatments, think if you should visit the clinic for a face-to-face consultation.   

Special interests and services

Doctors have the qualifications to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases and disorders some make specialist referrals for better treatment of the patients. You can find doctors with special interests or commonly called specializations in a particular field like diabetes, gynecology, and dermatology.

It clearly means that besides the general knowledge of a physician they have acquired extra expertise in certain fields. So, it is always better to see a doctor as per your requirement and this will let you receive the right treatment on time.

Additionally, many practices have additional services for the patients while some don’t like minor surgeries, coil fitting, and family planning. But it’s the entirely patient decision to opt for them if they need them.

Doctor and gender

There are many patients who feel comfortable seeing a doctor of similar gender. If you are amongst one of them then, look for doctors of the preferable gender at a nearby clinic. Under Equality Act, every doctor must see the patients equally without any discrimination. Therefore, do some research online and find out a suitable doctor accordingly.

Select the doctor

At last, when you are about to choose the doctor, consider asking questions yourself like:

  • Does the doctor provide me time to ask my queries?
  • Will the doctor listen to me?
  • Will I be able to understand what doctor is trying to say? Will I feel comfortable?

After seeking the answers, book your initial consultation appointment. During the visit, the doctor will surely conduct a physical exam and check your medical history. Don’t panic and stay calm trying to be honest with every answer you give to the doctor. It helps in better diagnosis and treatment.

You can consider visiting Best Private Doctor London Clinic on making an appointment to consult with one of the doctors. They have the experience and qualifications to carry out necessary screenings, tests, diagnoses, and treatments.  

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