Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

A low crime rate, high livability index, and affordable housing options have made Buckeye one of the most sought-after cities to live in, in the famous desert state of Arizona. While couples and singles have always been attracted to the city’s charm, it has recently become a hotspot for families with children due to top educational opportunities, parks, and other amenities.

The high-end Tartesso homes for sale and other trendy communities have widened the scope of choice when choosing beautiful houses in the city. Residents can choose from modern lofts, traditional single-family units, ranch-style homes, and other exciting options in these safe communities.

The following points elaborate on the significant aspects of such planned housing developments and other vital things that make Buckeye an excellent region for families to settle.

Affordable housing and cost of living

Buckeye is a less-crowded alternative to cities like Phoenix, Peoria, and Chandler, which are ever-teeming with people with a population of merely over a hundred thousand people. Moreover, housing is much more affordable here than in other prominent Arizona areas, with the median cost of a home being approximately $385,000. This is cheaper than residences in famous metropolitan areas like New York.

Even the cost of living in Buckeye is reasonable, ranking around five percent lower than the national average. You can buy utilities at four percent lower and gas at eighty percent lower than the US average. Even food and grocery costs less here, enabling families to spend lavishly on children while saving simultaneously.

Fantastic educational opportunities

Any parent worries about their child’s education, making it a crucial factor in selecting the city to settle down in. Fortunately, Buckeye offers schools for all ages and people with varying budgets. Furthermore, with the average student-teacher ratio in the city approximating 20:1, you can be assured your child receives ample personal attention. Ultimately, it will lead to higher academic achievement and graduation rates.

Planned upscale communities

Tartesso homes for sale are always in demand in the region because of their unmatched features and comfort. The houses are newer built than the ones in other communities, incorporating innovative home features such as two-car garages, spacious living rooms, contemporary kitchens, lavish master suites, and pristine pools. With the Buckeye marketplace barely fifteen minutes from the neighborhood, you will have plenty of access to local stores, restaurants, and other essential amenities. Also, kids will enjoy spending time in the community basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and different sports courts in Tartesso.

You can ask a realtor for assistance to zero in on the home of your dreams in Tartesso, enabling you to settle down with your family quickly. They provide listings by price, features, house style, communities, neighborhood, and other pivotal factors to make the search easier.

Fun recreational activities

Although Buckeye offers scores of job opportunities with the presence of several industry giants such as Walmart and Amazon, it also offers fantastic recreational opportunities. One such site is Buckeye Lake, where you can take your kids for a fun boating and fishing experience.

Swimming or sunbathing are ideal adult activities on the lake’s beach area. Finally, other fun places for kids in Buckeye include the Aquatics Center, Verrado’s Walton Park, Ted Williams Park, and Buckeye Museum, to name a few.


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