Why Was Sega Such As Incredible Firm From The Past?

When in the Mega drive they were kind of like the bad boy or rebel in the gaming world they would try and make high quality games or things which were risky or unique such as Slaughter sport which SNES would never put on since they were trying to make games for kids or family friendly or help make video games look all the family can use it for why SNES or Nintendo used to try and convince parents the games were education like Mario paint which in a sort of way that was very true by Nintendo to be fair.

Sega instead were all about trying new things and making games for the mature man or woman and also the kids, meaning you may have played games which were dark or find a bit scary, depending on your standards for what’s dark or scary for each person.

Golden Axe was fantastic video game to play which many people played a lot, and it was good quality beat up with a fantasy feel to it, and you could say it was kids or adults a like and have oddly sexual feel for the woman character in it which you could argue in some ways help the game to sell to the more mature gamers which was always the want of Sega since they had more money than the kids overall plus more buying power as well and could turn into very big customers or fans of the games overall it had a bit of Lord of the Rings feel to if you ever read the books or saw the movies on little on such as the Draw character reminds me a bit of how they looked in Lord of the Rings which I am sure I am not the only person who thinks that is the case.

Sonic was for some peole seen as like cooler version of Mario for why he had if you like more fun or playful version than Sonic and into more modern games you can see that since mario was seen more as like for kids and Sonic more for teenagers in the past as well but not always and Sonic had cartoon like Mario as well to be fair.

Sonic was seen by some people as harder or more of a challenge than Mario for some time but not always since it depends on the skills of each person for what’s easier or harder each time for Sonic 1 vs Super Mario 1 both pretty similar overall for what’s easier or harder here, and it was more fast-paced for a lot of the game and had sort of semi adult feel to most of the game overall and a lot of people thought knuckles was a more adult or tough character or more like teenager for how he acts for why he had a lot of fans of the past and present a like.

Pinball Sonic style was very popular in the Sonic style which still has many fans of the games me included for why some people still play it on regular basic since it has strong arcade feel to the game overall which some younger people may not being to arcade, but older people will remember from the 1980s they were big thing to hand out with friends or family a like or spend the day or week there after school or work a like and even dates happened in these places some time so big arcade fan base still exist which Sega you could argue became successful in some ways because of this market or the kids or now adults who still enjoy going to these places sometime.

Streets of the rage was for most people the best beat up ever made which still has a lot of fans young and older a like me included for why I still play it plus it had really amazing music in it and even if you only played it once or twice it is still something many of you will probably have happy or fun memory if you ever use this again and even now they still make Streets of rages games since you could argue it has like cult following still even today in the West or around the rest of the world for how much fun it was to play or even just the music from it is very fun experience for people to play with friends or at competition or arcades as well for why it’s still highly regarded beat up game overall for me the best ever made probably overall.