WordPress Plugin

Plugins can do less anything for you, such as

  1. Improve security
  2. Make tables
  3. improve speed
  4. Compress images
  5. make things look interesting design wise

Security can become complex or messy if you face an attack, but WordPress has many security features which may prove useful such as you can stop brute attacks’ case you don’t know what this means it is simply when you stop people trying to log into your site such as if you face attack from French IP you would block the IP’s from France using say Word fences until the attack has stopped then French visitors can use your site again without problems but only do this as the last result not if you have a good amount of French-based site visitors since that can cause problems for you later on sales-wise some time.

Table press one of the most popular plugins in the world since this allows you to make good quality tables you may be thinking but wait are they not very out of data know they are still popular to promote products or delay something else in the most eCommerce sites still use tables or similar idea to them, and you can make them work on Desktops, mobile or other screen sizes using Table press quite simple most of the time by doing the right on-page SEO stuff or designing skills here often.

Speed of the site can be fixed by simply using a cache plugin such as Comet is a good one you can use the free one or paid one if you want it to work better if you need better speed management for your website by just paying a little bit more money if you want to do that later on quite easy .

Much software can allow you to improve how your code or CSS is sent to search engines or run on your website the most popular one and most people use it all around the world is made by a wonderful man called  Frank Goossens (futtta) who made the popular the best plugin for WordPress by a large amount this amazing service can improve the load time of your site almost instant, and I recommend this to people all around the world it never breaks or fails, so it’s almost perfect in all forms and great software to improve your own sites or client sites alike so if you never used autotomize give it try and let me know your thoughts about it.

Compress images can be done in many forms on a computer like using photoshop or if you want full on WordPress solution then short pexel works very well you just add your images then click your mouse few times when it will start making your images smaller without making them look worse than before but save you load time to make your site look faster without having low-quality images to your site visitors going here.

Themes can be simply solution to do that sometimes such as making one which gives your site an interesting or exciting look a good one would be Magazine themes normally load fast and look good for blogging style of websites or if you want more advanced way to design your site you can use things like Beaver builder can allow you to operate your site like HTML to allow you make it look pretty or interesting without you having to understand how to code or do CSS as you would on nonoperating system such as straight HTML way to make sites through things like Dreamweaver or other things you could use like Notepad+