Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

YouTube TV is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used and admired streaming platforms in the USA. The craziness and obsession with YouTube and the availability of all kinds of content has already gathered a huge fan base, so as the YouTube TV and YouTube Premium version was released people lost all the calm and went crazy to purchase the YouTube TV Subscribing.

If you are from the fascinated crowd and cannot wait for your YouTube TV membership, then you must read the few things about YouTube TV that no one tells you. No, we don’t mean to scare you, but knowing everything about YouTube TV will help you make a better decision.


There are no fixed channels on YouTube TV, but the standard’s number is 70 channels. As promised, YouTube TV Subscribing deliver 70 channels depending on your location. You can get sports channels, Disney channels, News channels, entertainment and other genres deepening on the ZIP code you have entered which is obviously where you are located.

Hassle Free Streaming

There is no cable nor antennae restriction with YouTube TV. It is simply a high quality cable free streaming service. You probably know that, hence your decision to get the YouTube TV Subscribing. Just like the YouTube App, YouTube TV can be streamed on your phone or any other device.

Multiple Sign-Ups

Just because one person is paying for it doesn’t mean everybody else cannot enjoy it. 6streams TikTok vs YouTube TV allows a subscription for the entire family. It allows you to have up to 6 accounts. Friends or family, you can split the cost and watch together.

Unlimited DVR for 9 Months

The biggest feature that distinguishes YouTube from its competitors is its Digital Video Recorder (DVR). YouTube TV offers limitless storage space for recording and storing your favorite programs for up to 9 months. It is excellent for everyone because each account may have its own personal library. Pacman 30th anniversary


We all go through the confusion of deciding what to watch. Thanks to YouTube TV, the worries are gone. You will get suggestions regarding on-demand videos and top trending channels. With a simple search, you can find results from various channels and videos.


Don’t just stick to your laptop to enjoy YouTube TV, you can stream it on any device. So enjoy your favorite show while commuting, under the blankets or even in a quiet corner in the library. The flexibility offered by YouTube TV gives you an amazing experience no matter what device you stream on.

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Every pretty thing has a flaw, and this might be considered as YouTube’s flaw. Yes, the streaming platform is not ad-free. Probably to provide a helping hand for the advertisers, although the ads on YouTube to mp4 can be paused and fast forwarded in case of Live TV but when you are watching recorded shows you can just fast-forward to the video.

Sign Up from Where you Live

As mentioned above, the channels and availability of shows on YouTube TV 6streams is totally location specific. So it is advised not to sign up while traveling or from any other location which doesn’t fall under your zip code.

YouTube Premium

If you want to get rid of ads, you can always upgrade to YouTube premium. The YouTube premium service is ad free, and it even allows various other features.  


This isn’t something you don’t know, as you might have already learned about the pricing and packages. YouTube TV does not have any hidden charges, but the prices don’t feel suitable to many people as compared to the services offered. You can, however, always use the YouTube TV Promo Code, a perk given by the channel to its loved customers.

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